Hot Springs & Little Rock

Silver Threads Quilt Guild

46th Annual National Quilting Association Show Bus Tour

5 days/4 nights

June 17-21, 2015

$689.00 per person based on double occupancy

Triple, Quad & Single Rates are available upon request

Price includes:  Bus Transportation, 5 breakfasts, 1 Lunch, 4 Dinners & 1 manager’s reception, 1 night in the heart of Hot Springs at the Embassy Suites Hotel, 3 nights at the Clarion Hotel in Little Rock.

Hot Springs:  Experience the Hot Springs at Qua Paw Bath House or Time to browse the shops in Hot Springs, try your luck at Oaklawn.

Little Rock:  Quilters will enjoy the Annual National Quilting Association Show day passes & ticket to evening meal and entertainment.  Companions that are not going to Quilt Show can enjoy seeing: Clinton Library & view current Exhibit, Rock Town Distillery & sampling, Visit the River Market area for shopping, drive by the Designing Women’s Home & Governor’s Mansion…

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Raffle Quilts are lifting my spirits!

With all the cold and dreary weather we have all endured over the last few months it is nice to have your spirits lifted with the thought of spring and of course summer soon to follow. I received a Raffle Quilt from Stumptown Quilters Guild out of Whitefish Montana a few days ago that just makes me smile every time I see it. Bright and cheery with the longing for the green grass that is hiding below.  As I am sure we are all ready for spring…..may this gorgeous quilt lift your spirits as well.

Stumptown Quilters Guild Show Information:

  • Everything Old is New Again
  • July 4-5, 2015
  • Whitefish Middle School Gym, Whitefish, MT
  • Raffle Quilt “Saturday Soiree”



Few new Quilts added to the 25th Edition Cover Quilt Contest

As our deadline gets closer for our 25th Edition Cover Quilt Contest, the quilts start coming in almost daily! It has always amazed me the talent that each individual quilter shows on their masterpieces. The use of colors, fabrics, patterns and so on are truly awesome and will always be proof that no two quilts are the same!

I have included photos of the quilts that came in over the weekend for all to enjoy.

Annie’s Star Quilt Guild from California

Annies Star

Black Canyon Quilt Show from Colorado

Black Canyon

Petunia City Quilters from Illinois

Petunia Quilt Guild

Keystone Quilters from Pennsylvania

Keystone Quilters

I hope that all you quilters were able to get some free time on the 24th to visit the local quilt shops in your area.  While scrolling through our Facebook page www.facebook.com/thequiltshopnavigatorevents on Friday I couldn’t help but notice tons of deals the Shops were offering over the entire weekend.

Keep busy throughout the week my friends…we all have a project we could finish up!



It’s been awhile!

It’s been awhile since we have posted on our blog and we would like to say sorry out to our followers! We have been very busy around the office and we also have a new employee doing our social media. That would be me, Jennifer. Nice to meet you all!

We are in the middle of doing our Cover Quilt Contest for the upcoming 25th Editions which will go to print on April 1 and are valid for July-December 2015. I received a submission this morning from Creative Quilters’ Guild of Ellis County out of Texas. This is a stunning quilt with great use of many colors. Bright and cheery and makes one smile. We wish them luck in the contest.

If you are part of a guild that will be having a show between July-December 2015 and have a Raffle/Opportunity Quilt that you would like to enter into the contest please simply send me a photo of your quilt and the name of the guild to wrbqinc@gmail.com to be entered. Deadline is March 1, 2015.

Information for their Show:

  • Sponsored By: Creative Quilters’ Guild of Ellis County
  • Show Date: July 17-18, 2015
  • Show Name: Quilts Past, Present & Future
  • Show Location: Midlothian Conference Center, Midlothian, TX
  • Contact for Show: www.elliscountyquilters.com

Raffle Quilt 2 009 (1)

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!



Excellent Libby Lehman Update!

Libby Lehman 7-9-14Libby’s sister Ellen posted this long but wonderful update this evening:

Thank God! -another Amazing day for Libby! Lester is on cloud nine with the recent transformation of Libby from victim to victor in her struggle to recover from her stroke related ailments. He is investigating ways to re-enroll Libby in some therapies (with her approval), but in the meantime, Libby is not waiting to get started. Today Rayleen and Lester helped Libby take a few tentative steps around her room, and later she surprised everyone by standing up by herself from her wheelchair, holding on to the nurses’ center counter (with Rayleen at her back). One of her favorite nurses’ aides- Joe was so surprised he yelped with Joy, much to Libby’s delight. She is thoroughly enjoying her newfound physical, mental, and emotional strength, and so is everyone who is around her!!!

Here’s a report from sister Sarah’s visit last night,
“Last night was awesome!!! Walked in and Libby was in such a happy mood. She told me that (I’ll paraphrase here) – Since it didn’t look like dying was going to work, she would just have fun living. Isn’t that great? Ellen reported last night that she told them yesterday since she wasn’t going to die anytime soon, she would just “entertain” instead. Again – such a good spirit. As she warned Rayleen and I last night – “I’m back”. Yeah she is.

She pulled back her covers to show me how good she could move her legs. I said she better watch out or she would be dancing soon. She replied “That’s the plan”. Of course we had to watch Wheel of Fortune and she won 2, I won 2 and Rayleen won 2. We usually bet a quarter and so I told her Lester was going to have to bring up some quarters to leave in the drawer. She said – “Not necessary, I am champion and plan on winning all.” We were just in stitches the whole time. It was the best visit EVER!!! She was very clear headed, speaking clearly and smiling alot. My heart soared the whole drive home and just couldn’t help but be giddy. I’m hopefully cautious and will still take it one visit at a time but last night was WONDERFUL! – Sarah”

Here’s an email from Libby’s very good friend and business buddy, Ricky Tims:
O Happy Day!!!!!!!

I got a phone call today from none other than Libby Lehman herself! It’s the first chat we have had in months – none since her last severe seizure, the one that subsequently put her back into the rehabilitation facility, and ultimately led to her being placed into hospice (as a pain-free care strategy) because she had simply given up hope and wanted to end everything. The prayers of all of us who love her have been that during this time she might, on her own, find the will and strength to survive.

So… back to the phone call. She told her family a bit of news and wanted to share it with me. She said, “This dying thing isn’t working out, so I just might as well live and have fun!!” She said, “I love you!” and I assured her I loved her too. Her words were clear and articulate – better than I have heard from her since her stroke!

Libby enjoys her beauty treatments. I already knew that before calling me she had just returned from a manicure, so I asked about it. She said, “Yes, I had THREE attendants”. After I replied how wonderful that was, she said, “…I wanted four!” Ha ha ha ha! It’s so good to hear Libby in such good sprits – bantering, joking, and being bossy.

I mentioned that tomorrow night (August 6) Justin and I are going to see the Lady Gaga concert in Denver. Her reply was, “Don’t get in a fight!” … which is a comment she made because the first and only fight I’ve ever had was at the Lady Gaga concert three years ago. That’s another story for another time. The point is – Libby remembered it!

She told me that tomorrow she had dinner reservations at 5:30 for Ruth Chris’s Steak House and she was planning on ordering filet mignon.

This truly is the best she has been mentally since her stroke. Libby has been in a position where she had to choose – sink or swim. Our prayers have been that she would find a way out of the dark hole she has been in and reach for a brighter day. I can say with confidence that today is most assuredly a brighter day! I am doing a happy dance! Let me hear a whoo-hoo for our dear sweet Libby!”

We’re all doing a happy dance. Whoo-hoo!

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Hattie’s Quilt Shop in Spokane Valley WA

Hattie's SignTucked into Evergreen Square at the intersection of Sprague Avenue and Evergreen Road in the middle of Spokane Valley WA, you’ll find Hattie’s Quilt Shop.

Hattie's StorefrontStep inside, and you’ll find a small but welcoming foyer, decked out with eye-catching quilts and complete with comfortable lounge chairs and light refreshments.

Hattie's EntrySome folks feel so welcome that they don’t venture further,

A Comfortable Spot for Quilters' Husbands to Wait at Hattie'sbut the real magic lies beyond.

New Fabrics and Projects on Display at Hattie's

Down a quilt-lined corridor, the shop opens up into a spacious room filled with colorful fabric and quilted treasures.

More Quilts and Fabric at Hattie's

Still More Quilts and Fabric at Hattie'sTucked in among the fabric are delightful surprises, like a cozy table where customers can sit to work on their projects,

A Cozy Corner at Hattie's

a bentwood coat rack full of quilted tote and purse projects,

The Purse Tree at Hattie'sand intriguing project ideas like this three-dimensional courthouse square wallhanging,

Courthouse Square in 3-D at Hattie'sor this open weave mat.

Intriguing Project Idea at Hattie's

The atmosphere at Hattie’s is laid-back, warm, and friendly. Comfortable stools line the front of the cutting counter and encourage visitors to sit and chat. So that’s what we did.

Sitting Down to Chat with Phil and Cathy at Hattie's

The Wonderful Wizards who conjured up this quilting magic are owners Phil and Cathy. Hattie’s is named for Cathy’s grandmother, an accomplished seamstress and inspiration to her granddaughter.

As their shop grew, Tami came on board. She started out taking a quilting class at Hattie’s, and rapidly became immersed in quilting. In addition to serving customers, Tami designs and produces quilt kits and creates shop displays.

Tami Shows Us One of Her Kits at Hattie's

It’s easy to see that Phil, Cathy, and Tami love fabric and quilting. More than that, they love meeting and helping people. Phil has an easy-going manner and the soul of a storyteller when he talks about the people who visit the shop.

Cathy glows with pride when she discusses the accomplishments of their customers, who quickly become their friends.

Customer Anna - smallWhile we were visiting, Anna came in for fabric to complete her current quilting project. With a smile, she told us that she liked coming to Hattie’s “because it’s close to home and because of all the neat things to look at”. She continued to talk about how friendly and helpful they are. “It’s just nice,” she said.

Those “neat things to look at” include exciting new arrivals such as Kaffe Fassett’s latest fabrics from Westminster/Rowan and eye-catching Australian aboriginal designs. While Hattie’s has a little bit of everything, they stock an extensive collection of colorful modern and contemporary styles.

If you’re looking for quilting fun, quilting friends, new quilting ideas, and quilting inspiration, Hattie’s Quilt Shop is well worth the trip. See you there!

Things to Know About Hattie’s Quilt Shop and Spokane Valley

Website: www.hattiesquiltshop.com

Facebook: Hattie’s Quilt Shop

Things to See and Do in Spokane Valley: Spokane Valley offers a host of outdoor adventures. From winter sports at Mount Spokane to a summer menu of hiking, biking,  and fishing along the Spokane River or in the Dishman Hills Natural Area, there’s always something exciting to do. The Washington State Quilters Guild hosts its annual quilt show in mid-October. And don’t miss Valleyfest, Spokane Valley’s huge community celebration each September.

Where to Eat Lunch: For delicious fresh-made sandwiches, soups, and salads, you can’t beat Casey’s Place Deli, right next door to Hattie’s Quilt Shop. Phil and Cathy also recommend Cottage Cafe (6902 E Appleway Blvd) for incredible breakfast and lunch fare.






Libby Lehman Honored by Rice University

Libby Lehman - Distinguished Alumna of Rice University 2014

Libby continues to recover from last month’s infection and hospitalization in the rehab facility. This weekend, she was named as one of the Distinguished Alumni of Rice University. You can watch the video produced to explain her award at the link below:

Libby Lehman Rice University Distinguished Alumni Video

Libby was able to attend the awards festivities, but still tires easily and was forced to leave before the awards ceremony. Watch her husband Lester’s acceptance speech in her behalf at this link:

Lester Lehman Acceptance of Libby’s Award

From Caring Bridge, here is her sister Ellen’s description of the evening:

The setting in “The Corinithian, The Classic Event Space” was gorgeous, epitomizing the words “fancy shmancy”. During the reception/cocktail hour Libby was a gracious honoree, holding court in her wheelchair while speaking to other guests and enduring (since her collarbone is fractured and tender) gentle hugs from many friends, and smiling through endless photo requests.

Of course, Libby always enjoys seeing family members, including sisters and brothers in law (the two Bill’s), nieces Elizabeth (New York City, NY) and Susan (with hubby Ron and daughter Abbi from Magnolia, TX), nephew Justin (Montgomery, TX), and “almost” family members, like Susan and Gary Gartner. Lester and Cathy both had so many friends that it took several tables to seat everyone and the Libby contingency was definitely the biggest fan base present. Libby’s “original” quilting club filled a table with proud smiles and nodding heads as “one of their own” was honored as a distinguished Rice alumni.

However, somewhere between the gourmet salad and the entree Libby “hit the wall” of too much noise, too many people, and just too much everything without enough energy left to continue the race. So we honored Libby’s request and got her in the car so son Les, accompanied by the ever faithful Tiffany, headed for U.P. with its nice room, comfy blanket, and evening Caregiver Edie waiting to receive Libby with open arms. Libby got to bed well after her normal bedtime but long before the midnight hour.

The awards presentation part of the ceremony was all we thought it would be, with videos and photos of each of the Distinguished Alumni Award recipients, which also included George Hirasaki, Peter Rowe, and Rusty Williams. Lester gave an acceptance speech on behalf of Libby which was clever, heartfelt, and brief -three good descriptors for Thank You speeches. He gave special Thanks to the Association of Rice Alumni and Laureates Committee, to family and friends, to Bill Arnold for spearheading Libby’s nomination, and to Dr. Mark Dannebaum (who was there tonight with his wife) and his team, who saved Libby’s life during her marthon surgeries. It was a well crafted and delivered speech so on behalf of Libby and all of us- Thanks, Lester!

Although many of us wished that Libby could have stayed to absorb the final glory of her accomplishments, she just didn’t have any energy left to finish that race. But still, what an Enchanted Evening for us all! We hope Libby will remember all the good parts she got to share and we will show her photos and the video (if we can get it) of the part she missed. We are hoping tonight that Libby is resting quietly in perfect comfort as we pray this prayer for her:
Heavenly Father, Thank You for the gifts of Libby’s life which she has shared with so many people and for which she has been honored tonight. Protect and keep Libby in your gentle hands as she heals from her infirmities, and help her find peace and solace on her journey. Please be with Lester and Les, and all her family, as we struggle to find ways to help Libby heal and to keep her life fulfilling and fun. Give us strength, faith, and patience, and lead us to wisdom and discernment as we make decisions for sweet Libby’s care and well-being. In humble gratitude, Amen!”

We echo Ellen’s beautiful prayer.

(photo and videos courtesy of Bill Arnold)



Giveaway · Quilt Shop Navigator

And the Winners Are. . .

We are pleased to announce the winners of The Cross Country Quilt Shop Quest Homeward Bound Giveaway.

Homeward Bound Giveaway Package #1Homeward Bound Giveaway Package #1 goes to Robin W. in Washington state.

Homeward Bound Giveaway Package #2Homeward Bound Giveaway Package #2 will be winging its way to Linda W in Texas.

Homeward Bound Giveaway Package #3And Homeward Bound Giveaway Package #3 was won by Janie M of Illinois.

We had entries from all over the US and Canada, and even one from Australia! And the suggestions for where The Quilt Shop Navigator should go next ranged just as widely, everywhere from Lancaster PA to China!

We’ll be planning more quilt shop adventures soon. In the meantime, be sure to use The Quilt Shop Navigator to plan your own personal Quilt Shop Quest. There are 3690 quilt shops across the US and Canada for you to explore.

Thanks to the Homeward Bound quilt shops for their generous prize donations.

Happy Quilting!




The Cross Country Quilt Shop Quest – Homeward Bound Giveaway

With the conclusion of The Cross Country Quilt Shop Quest, it’s time for our final giveaway. And we’re going to finish off with an extravagant bang! We have THREE wonderful prize packages waiting for our lucky winners.

Homeward Bound Giveaway Package #1:

Homeward Bound Giveaway Package #1The winner of Homeward Bound Giveaway Package #1 will receive:

2 angel FQs from Quilters Depot
1 floral FQ from Bernina & Sew Much More
1 hand-dyed FQ from The Sewing Connection
1FQ modern dots from Birds of a Feather
2 novelty FQs from Stitch n Sew Cottage
1 bicycle FQ from Thimbles
1 cow FQ from Cosmic Cow
1reproduction FQ from Prairie Point Junction
2 Western FQs from Quilt Essentials
1 pine bough FQ from Keama’s Quilts
1 Christmas FQ from a Little Country Character

all packaged in a bright red Quilters Depot tote bag. There’s a delightful I Spy quilt here, just waiting for the right quilter to set it free.

Homeward Bound Giveaway Package #2:

Homeward Bound Giveaway Package #2Homeward Bound Giveaway Package #2 features luxurious fabric with metallic accents. The winner of this package will receive

6 FQ bundle from The Gallery of Quilts

1/2 yard from The Quilt Shop at Essenhaus

in a Quilt Shop Navigator tote bag. Dress up your table with an elegant tablerunner with this prize!

Homeward Bound Giveaway Package #3:

Homeward Bound Giveaway Package #3The third Homeward Bound Giveaway Package holds

12 FQ bundle of coordinated prints from Threads of Tradition

in a Quilt Shop Navigator tote bag. These fabrics would make a lovely throw quilt.

To win one of these incredible prizes, simply fill out the entry form below and answer the following question:

Where would you like The Quilt Shop Navigator to visit next?

The giveaway will close at midnight, Pacific Daylight Time, on Monday, April 21, 2014. Winners will be chosen in random drawings from the entries received and will be announced on Wednesday, April 23, 2014.

 We can’t wait to see who will win these great prizes and where you’d like us to travel next!



The Cross Country Quilt Shop Quest — Homeward Bound, Part 15: Keama’s Quilts in Green River WY

Sign at Keama's QuiltsOne of the most delightful parts about traveling around to visit so many quilt shops is seeing the unique personalities that shops develop, all united under the banner of friendship and creativity that is Quilting. And the final stop on The Cross Country Quilt Shop Quest found us at Keama’s (pronounced KEE-ma) Quilts in Green River WY, a shop with personality to spare.Map













When you step up to the front door, you are greeted by hanging baskets overflowing with brilliant blooms.

Keama's Quilt's StorefrontAnd, once inside, the landscape becomes a fantasy of marvelous fabric.

Quilts, Books, Patterns, and Precuts at Keama's QuiltsThe walls are lined with colorful quilts.

Quilts Line the Walls at Keama's Quilts

A row of vibrant batik quilt blocks preside over books, fabric and quilts in the entryway.

Quilt Blocks, Fabric, and More Quilts at Keama's QuiltsAbove the stairway, a wall of project ideas completes the entryway displays.

Sample Projects at Keama's Quilts

A rainbow of threads of every sort runs riot around the room. An open doorway offers a glimpse of bolts and bolts of fabric in glorious array.

Peeking into the Fabric Room at Keama's Quilts (photo courtesy of Keama's Quilts)To the left of the entry, more quilts and fabric line the walls of a large, sunny workroom

Fabric and More Quilts at Keama's Quilts

It was here we met shop owner Lisa, who greeted us warmly and offered to tell us about the shop. Our first question was, of course, “Who is Keama?”

Lisa told us how her fascination with quilting grew into Keama’s Quilts.

Then she showed us around the shop, stopping to point out a favorite quilt top or a project for an upcoming class.

Lisa Shows Off a Favorite Quilt Top at Keama's Quilts

The building that houses Keama’s Quilts was once a bank and the vault downstairs is now used for storage.

Lisa Shows Lynnie the Vault at Keama's QuiltAlso downstairs is the yarn shop, presided over by a friendly bear,

Bear Watches Over the Yarn at Keama's Quiltsand a spacious classroom lined with beautiful quilts.

Downstairs Classroom at Keama's QuiltsLisa’s trusty Gammill resides at one end of the classroom.

Gammill at Keama's Quilts (photo courtesy of Keama's Quilts)Something is always going on at Keama’s Quilts. This spring they have a full roster of quilting classes, covering everything from binding techniques to quick table runners to cuddly minky blankets. You can find the list of upcoming classes here. But a great deal of the learning at Keama’s Quilts happens more informally, as Lisa related:

As we’ve traveled across the country, we’ve visited delightful quilt shops, each with its own personality. But all of them share some very important characteristics: fabulous fabric and friendly, helpful people who love quilting and have a compulsion to share their love. That’s as true at Keama’s Quilts as it is anywhere else in the wonderful world of quilting.

Things to Know About Keama’s Quilts and Green River WY

Website: http://keamasquilts.com/

Facebook: Keama’s Quilts

What to See and Do in Green River: Coming up May 30-31, 2014, is Quilting on the Green, the annual quilt show. This year’s show features classes in English paper piecing, wonky quilt layout, patchwork plus with machine applique, and a labyrinth quilt, plus a trunk show by Jan Krentz. For more information, you can download the show brochure here.

Where to Eat Lunch: Lisa recommends Penny’s Diner (1170 W Flaming Gorge Way) for good food in a fun 50’s atmosphere. Buckaroo’s (580 E Flaming Gorge Way) is a family-style restaurant with a western vibe.