About The Quilt Shop Navigator

The Quilt Shop Navigator Directory is a spiral bound – printed publication advertising Quilt Shops, Fabric Shops, Quilt Shows, Quilt Exhibits, and Shop Hops nationwide including Canada. Two editions are published each year; January – June and July – December.

 You can now access the same information that is in the printed directories on our Mobile Website  at www.myQSN.com or on our Mobile App through play.google.com! Both are updated daily with changes such as new, closed and shops that have moved and also newly added events, exhibits & hops. 

It’s the one place to find any quilt shop, fabric shop or event wherever you are!

Connect with the Quilt Shop Navigator through our blogtwitterfacebookwebsite, and our NEW mobile website!  Now you keep in the loop anywhere you go!

8 thoughts on “About The Quilt Shop Navigator

  1. I am interested in finding out more about the quilts and pillow cases for the people in Newtown,
    Connecticut. I know about quilts for HUGS but need more info about the pillow cases.
    Is there a need for nomey to help people buy fabric,etc.?
    Look forward to hearing from you.
    Dec. 21, 2012
    Thanks, Ophelia Miller
    I heard about this on the radio in Atlanta, Ga.

  2. Thank you very much for the follow, i am very glad you stumbled across my site as i can now follow your 🙂 I am not a quilt shop but i do love to quilt, and I have a ministry called SOWN IN PEACE (the website you saw 🙂 Its a great lil ministry and helps provide quilts for those in need of prayer in their life. we have seen some remarkable things happen through our prayer quilt journey and i feel blessed just to be a part of it most days. I happy your interested in following our journey as well.

  3. Where is your info about submitting a quilting activity in the Quilt Shop Navigator located?. Our Guild would love to have our annual quilt show listed. Thanks.

  4. Stop by Peggy’s Sewing Center in Centerville, MD! Peggy is one of the nicest shop owners I’ve had the pleasure to meet. Her customer service and tips make the hour drive worth the trip!!

  5. Recently retired and thinking about making a quilt. Sports theme. I like working w hands and seems a great way to pass time. Do not know anything about how to quilt but would like to learn. Any advice greatly appreciated. Thx. Vinny

    1. Vinny, you’ve hit upon a wonderful way to keep your hands busy. Warning: Quilting is addictive. The best advice we can give you is to find a quilt shop near you. There you’ll meet friendly and knowledgeable people who can help you along your way. The Quilt Shop Navigator’s directories and mobile website can point you toward the nearest shop. (You’re not, by any chance, involved in football in San Bernardino, are you?)

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