Who’s Behind The Quilt Shop Navigator?

Have you ever wondered who’s behind the scenes here at The Quilt Shop Navigator? Now you don’t have to!

Lets start by getting to know the boss lady!



Jennifer has been with The Quilt Shop Navigator for over 12 years! She started in data entry, worked up to manager and as of this year is now the OWNER!! As the new owner she has lots of exciting plans for the future of The Quilt Shop Navigator that we can’t wait to share with you! When she isn’t at the office working hard she is either at home quilting, going on drives and adventures, spending time with her husband Jason or her granddaughter Kinsley.



Terry has been with us for about 3 years. She does LOTS of little but very important things around the office. You know who builds all the directories each edition?? She does and boy is she fast. Terry is huge on family so if shes not here at the office or at home quilting shes spending time with her husband or one of her many kids/grandkids. You wont catch her in the office on a Friday though because shes out shopping or at bowling with her friends! Wanna know something else about Terry?? Shes Jennifer’s mom!




Hello! I am the one who will be running the blog from now on. This is my first go at a blog so hang with me! I have been with The Quilt Shop Navigator since I was 16 years old! I would come in after school and do simple things around the office. Once I graduated I thought why not give sales a shot? Now 8 years later I am the Sales Manager. I’m the one that gets to talk to all the wonderful shop owners each edition! I am sad to say I don’t get much quilting in since I have a pretty busy schedule. I am a momma to the most wonderful and sassy 2 year old. Best part about my job? Not only does my daughter get to come to work with me we also get to work with family! I’m Jennifer’s daughter and Terry’s granddaughter.


0614181507d (1)

She’s my baby girl. Kinsley has been with the Quilt Shop Navigator for 2.5 years. Kinsley does lots around the office from grabbing things off the printer, informing us all when shes hungry and its lunch time and grabbing the mail. Shes best at keeping a smile on all our faces through out the work day. I don’t think she will be joining the family business when she grows up because she has dreams of being a ballerina.

Well there you have it! The Quilt Shop Navigator is family run by four generations! You now know us so leave a comment and tell us about you!


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