It has been too long!  

Six months ago my intention was to begin at least weekly posts to our blog.  As you can see…..that didn’t happen.  Here we are a month away from producing our 30th Edition and that goal never worked it’s way into my routine!

By way of explanation (ok it’s an excuse) I brought a puppy home at the end of January.  Toby was 9 weeks old!  I’ve never house trained a puppy, as this was the first ‘house’ dog I’ve ever been responsible for.  Decades ago I lived in Hawaii and my children’s pets were not in the house (a very small house for 5 children!)

Obviously I’ve survived and Toby got a doggy door pretty quickly.  I was very thankful that even as a little puppy (then 10 pounds, now over 45 pounds!) he was happy to go out into the snow and cold by himself!

Recently he made it into my quilting room while I was quilting (on my long-arm) and didn’t bother anything!  Finally, I hope to get caught up with my projects.

In case you wanted to know Toby is a Golden Doodle.  He’s heavy on the poodle side (so he doesn’t shed!) except for a beautiful full tail!  He’s getting a bath next Tuesday, I’ll take a picture and show him off!

This weekend besides watching the Navy game (my grandson is on the team) I hope to have some good quilting time.

What are you doing!


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