Another Edition in the books and working towards the next!

Wow, we were able to take a short breath and now we are on to preparing for our next edition. We completed the 25th Edition on April 20th, and now it’s hustle hustle to get the 26th Edition ready by October 1, 2015 to go to print.

We have started off pretty excited with the finding of many new shops around the US and Canada. We are always on the look for shops, but it seems this time they are popping up everywhere…which is nice to see of course! If you have a shop and are not sure if you are listed in our directories please call 800-854-9239, complimentary listings to all Quilt & Fabric Shops.

I have sent out our first email asking for event submissions so that they can be included in the 26th Edition and of course encouraging the guilds to send in photos of their Raffle/Opportunity Quilts to be entered into our Cover Quilt Contest. I have received quit a few so far but none for the Midwest and Northeast. If you are part of a guild and have a show coming up January-June 2016 with a Raffle/Opportunity Quilt be sure to send a photo of the quilt to wrbqinc@gmail.com to be entered….winner receives a FREE full page ad for their upcoming show. Deadline to enter is September 1, 2015.

Here are the ones that have been submitted so far. Hope to see your guilds come in soon!

Quilters Anonymous, Monroe, WA

Palmetto Quilt Guild, SC

Mountain Top Quilters Guild, Prescott Valley AZ

Las Colcheras QUILT, Las Cruces, NM

East Bay Heritage Quilters, Richmond, CA QUILT 2

East Bay Heritage Quilters, Richmond, CA QUILT 1

Disconnected Piecers BLOCK, FL (2)

Desert Quilters of Nevada, Las Vegas, NV

Hope everyone enjoys the weekend, it is fast approaching…..stay inside and get some quilting accomplished, heat is among us!