Few new Quilts added to the 25th Edition Cover Quilt Contest

As our deadline gets closer for our 25th Edition Cover Quilt Contest, the quilts start coming in almost daily! It has always amazed me the talent that each individual quilter shows on their masterpieces. The use of colors, fabrics, patterns and so on are truly awesome and will always be proof that no two quilts are the same!

I have included photos of the quilts that came in over the weekend for all to enjoy.

Annie’s Star Quilt Guild from California

Annies Star

Black Canyon Quilt Show from Colorado

Black Canyon

Petunia City Quilters from Illinois

Petunia Quilt Guild

Keystone Quilters from Pennsylvania

Keystone Quilters

I hope that all you quilters were able to get some free time on the 24th to visit the local quilt shops in your area.  While scrolling through our Facebook page www.facebook.com/thequiltshopnavigatorevents on Friday I couldn’t help but notice tons of deals the Shops were offering over the entire weekend.

Keep busy throughout the week my friends…we all have a project we could finish up!



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