Excellent Libby Lehman Update!

Libby Lehman 7-9-14Libby’s sister Ellen posted this long but wonderful update this evening:

Thank God! -another Amazing day for Libby! Lester is on cloud nine with the recent transformation of Libby from victim to victor in her struggle to recover from her stroke related ailments. He is investigating ways to re-enroll Libby in some therapies (with her approval), but in the meantime, Libby is not waiting to get started. Today Rayleen and Lester helped Libby take a few tentative steps around her room, and later she surprised everyone by standing up by herself from her wheelchair, holding on to the nurses’ center counter (with Rayleen at her back). One of her favorite nurses’ aides- Joe was so surprised he yelped with Joy, much to Libby’s delight. She is thoroughly enjoying her newfound physical, mental, and emotional strength, and so is everyone who is around her!!!

Here’s a report from sister Sarah’s visit last night,
“Last night was awesome!!! Walked in and Libby was in such a happy mood. She told me that (I’ll paraphrase here) – Since it didn’t look like dying was going to work, she would just have fun living. Isn’t that great? Ellen reported last night that she told them yesterday since she wasn’t going to die anytime soon, she would just “entertain” instead. Again – such a good spirit. As she warned Rayleen and I last night – “I’m back”. Yeah she is.

She pulled back her covers to show me how good she could move her legs. I said she better watch out or she would be dancing soon. She replied “That’s the plan”. Of course we had to watch Wheel of Fortune and she won 2, I won 2 and Rayleen won 2. We usually bet a quarter and so I told her Lester was going to have to bring up some quarters to leave in the drawer. She said – “Not necessary, I am champion and plan on winning all.” We were just in stitches the whole time. It was the best visit EVER!!! She was very clear headed, speaking clearly and smiling alot. My heart soared the whole drive home and just couldn’t help but be giddy. I’m hopefully cautious and will still take it one visit at a time but last night was WONDERFUL! – Sarah”

Here’s an email from Libby’s very good friend and business buddy, Ricky Tims:
O Happy Day!!!!!!!

I got a phone call today from none other than Libby Lehman herself! It’s the first chat we have had in months – none since her last severe seizure, the one that subsequently put her back into the rehabilitation facility, and ultimately led to her being placed into hospice (as a pain-free care strategy) because she had simply given up hope and wanted to end everything. The prayers of all of us who love her have been that during this time she might, on her own, find the will and strength to survive.

So… back to the phone call. She told her family a bit of news and wanted to share it with me. She said, “This dying thing isn’t working out, so I just might as well live and have fun!!” She said, “I love you!” and I assured her I loved her too. Her words were clear and articulate – better than I have heard from her since her stroke!

Libby enjoys her beauty treatments. I already knew that before calling me she had just returned from a manicure, so I asked about it. She said, “Yes, I had THREE attendants”. After I replied how wonderful that was, she said, “…I wanted four!” Ha ha ha ha! It’s so good to hear Libby in such good sprits – bantering, joking, and being bossy.

I mentioned that tomorrow night (August 6) Justin and I are going to see the Lady Gaga concert in Denver. Her reply was, “Don’t get in a fight!” … which is a comment she made because the first and only fight I’ve ever had was at the Lady Gaga concert three years ago. That’s another story for another time. The point is – Libby remembered it!

She told me that tomorrow she had dinner reservations at 5:30 for Ruth Chris’s Steak House and she was planning on ordering filet mignon.

This truly is the best she has been mentally since her stroke. Libby has been in a position where she had to choose – sink or swim. Our prayers have been that she would find a way out of the dark hole she has been in and reach for a brighter day. I can say with confidence that today is most assuredly a brighter day! I am doing a happy dance! Let me hear a whoo-hoo for our dear sweet Libby!”

We’re all doing a happy dance. Whoo-hoo!