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The Cross Country Quilt Shop Quest – Homeward Bound, Part 14: A Little Country Character in Green River WY

Front Door of A Little Country CharacterThe front door of A Little Country Character is guarded by perhaps the friendliest bear in all of Wyoming. And when you step inside, that friendly hospitality continues.

Fabric and More at A Little Country CharacterShelly at A Little Country CharacterAny quilter would feel right at home among the racks and racks of beautiful fabrics.

We were warmly welcomed by Shelly, the shop’s owner. As she walked with us through the rows of fabric, she gave a particularly lovely bolt a little pat here, tucked a stray corner back in place there, paused to point out a favorite quilt top or pattern in this corner, or a clever plaque in that one. Her fondness for fabric and craving for quilting is as obviously on display as the shop’s merchandise. And her smile expresses perfectly the essential character of A Little Country Character. This is a comfortable place where quilters, fabric, and ideas meet.



Shelly Shows Lynnie a Quilt Top at A Little Country CharacterAnd Shelly is delighted to perform the introductions.

More Quilts and Fabric at A Little Country CharacterStriking quilts boldly fan out to adorn the walls.

An Array of Quilts at A Little Country CharacterA baby crib overflows with bolts of cute, cuddly fabrics, just waiting to be transformed into a newborn’s quilt.

Crib Full of Fabric at A Little Country CharacterAn array of patriotic red, white, and blue proudly waves above a row of delicate pastels.

Patriotic and Pastel at A Little Country

Everywhere the eye can see, there’s an attractive assortment of lovely fabrics.

Bright Modern Fabrics at A Little Country Character

I thought these quick quilt pattern cards were interesting.

Quick Quilt Pattern Cards at A Little Country Character

And I loved this sampler quilt. The red/green version is gorgeous, but I think I’d like to make it in blue, too. At A Little Country Character, the choice is yours.

Sampler Quilt at A Little Country Character

Tucked in a back room, there’s a much used long-arm machine.

The Longarm Room at A Little Country Character

Bernina Machine at A Little Country CharacterAnd, of course, A Little Country Character is a Bernina dealer, so you’ll find a great selection of machines, attachments, and accessories available, plus helpful instruction on how to get the most from your new machine. They also offer repair services.



Shelly told us how A Little Country Character came to be.

And she reminisced about her favorite quilt, which hangs in the stairwell at A Little Country Character.

Right now, A Little Country Character has a large stock of cuddly minky fabrics and can show you how to make a luxuriously soft bound blanket. Coming soon, Simple Whatnots, an exciting new club from Kim Diehl and Henry Glass fabrics. A fun sewing series for kids is also in the works at A Little Country Character.

Things to Know About A Little Country Character and Green River WY

Facebook: A Little Country Character

What to See and Do in Green River: Just south of Green River lies Lake Flaming Gorge, well-known as a boating and fishing paradise. Don’t miss the White Mountain Petroglyphs, carved by Indians over 1000 years ago. And, a few miles west of town you’ll find Fossil Butte National Monument.

Where to Eat Lunch: Shelly suggests you try Don Pedro’s ( 520 Wilkes Dr, Ste 10) for Mexican food that will perk up your taste buds.


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