Libby Lehman

Libby Lehman Update 4-12-14 (scroll down for latest news)

Libby Lehman 2-15-14Libby has been home now for nearly three months. With the loving assistance of her family, friends and home health aides, a full regimen of outpatient therapy (complete with homework!), and her own indomitable will, she continues to make slow progress as she approaches the one-year anniversary of her aneurysm.

Today’s Caring Bridge report from her husband Lester:

We went to see Dr. Fernandez this afternoon. She is Libby’s nuero-opthamologist. She had previously thought that Libby had lost a lot of vision from the stroke. As it turns out, her initial thoughts were based mainly on Libby’s inability to perform a number of tests in the office visit a month ago. Today, Libby was able to do several things she could not do a month ago. Based upon what she saw today, she doesn’t think Libby has lost any vision. Also, a month ago Libby’s pupils were a little off center which now are aligned correctly. She said Libby had significant improvement in her cognitive ability since she had seen her a month ago – thank the Lord!!
I am making a real push to Libby’s cognitive recovery. We saw her GP last week and he increased one of her meds that helps with cognitive recovery after a stroke. He thought Libby had improved since he saw her about 2 months ago. Also, thanks to Les who researched all of her meds and found one, Vimpat – an anti seizure medication, has a very negative affect on cognitive brain recovery. We have an appointment with Libby’s neurologist on Thursday to get this changed.
Thanks to everyone for your continued support, interest and prayers for Libby. We knew this wasn’t going to be a sprint. Libby’s stroke was last May 3rd and she has come a long way!!
Bravo, Libby! Way to go, Team Libby! Carry on!
(photo by Bill Arnold)
Update 4-12-14 – Libby Hospitalized
From Libby’s sister Cathy on Caring Bridge this evening:
When Tiffany, one of Libby’s caregivers, got Libby out of bed today, she found Libby to be even weaker than she was yesterday. When Les and Tiffany saw that Libby was slumped over in her wheelchair, they wisely decided that she needed to go to the hospital immediately. They took her to Memorial Hermann Hospital in the Medical Center. Currently tests are being done – CAT scans, spinal taps, etc. Libby is barely conscious. Lester reported that so far no troubling results have been revealed from the tests. The doctors suspect some kind of infection, but further tests will be necessary to pinpoint the problem. Please know that family members have been and will continue to be with her at all times. She is still in the Emergency Center, and sweet sister, Ellen, will be spending the night with her tonight. We will keep you posted on any news. Please keep Libby in your prayers. Our hearts are breaking with this recent downturn in Libby’s recovery.
Please keep Libby in your thoughts and prayers.

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