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We are pleased to announce the winners of The Cross Country Quilt Shop Quest Homeward Bound Giveaway.

Homeward Bound Giveaway Package #1Homeward Bound Giveaway Package #1 goes to Robin W. in Washington state.

Homeward Bound Giveaway Package #2Homeward Bound Giveaway Package #2 will be winging its way to Linda W in Texas.

Homeward Bound Giveaway Package #3And Homeward Bound Giveaway Package #3 was won by Janie M of Illinois.

We had entries from all over the US and Canada, and even one from Australia! And the suggestions for where The Quilt Shop Navigator should go next ranged just as widely, everywhere from Lancaster PA to China!

We’ll be planning more quilt shop adventures soon. In the meantime, be sure to use The Quilt Shop Navigator to plan your own personal Quilt Shop Quest. There are 3690 quilt shops across the US and Canada for you to explore.

Thanks to the Homeward Bound quilt shops for their generous prize donations.

Happy Quilting!




The Cross Country Quilt Shop Quest – Homeward Bound Giveaway

With the conclusion of The Cross Country Quilt Shop Quest, it’s time for our final giveaway. And we’re going to finish off with an extravagant bang! We have THREE wonderful prize packages waiting for our lucky winners.

Homeward Bound Giveaway Package #1:

Homeward Bound Giveaway Package #1The winner of Homeward Bound Giveaway Package #1 will receive:

2 angel FQs from Quilters Depot
1 floral FQ from Bernina & Sew Much More
1 hand-dyed FQ from The Sewing Connection
1FQ modern dots from Birds of a Feather
2 novelty FQs from Stitch n Sew Cottage
1 bicycle FQ from Thimbles
1 cow FQ from Cosmic Cow
1reproduction FQ from Prairie Point Junction
2 Western FQs from Quilt Essentials
1 pine bough FQ from Keama’s Quilts
1 Christmas FQ from a Little Country Character

all packaged in a bright red Quilters Depot tote bag. There’s a delightful I Spy quilt here, just waiting for the right quilter to set it free.

Homeward Bound Giveaway Package #2:

Homeward Bound Giveaway Package #2Homeward Bound Giveaway Package #2 features luxurious fabric with metallic accents. The winner of this package will receive

6 FQ bundle from The Gallery of Quilts

1/2 yard from The Quilt Shop at Essenhaus

in a Quilt Shop Navigator tote bag. Dress up your table with an elegant tablerunner with this prize!

Homeward Bound Giveaway Package #3:

Homeward Bound Giveaway Package #3The third Homeward Bound Giveaway Package holds

12 FQ bundle of coordinated prints from Threads of Tradition

in a Quilt Shop Navigator tote bag. These fabrics would make a lovely throw quilt.

To win one of these incredible prizes, simply fill out the entry form below and answer the following question:

Where would you like The Quilt Shop Navigator to visit next?

The giveaway will close at midnight, Pacific Daylight Time, on Monday, April 21, 2014. Winners will be chosen in random drawings from the entries received and will be announced on Wednesday, April 23, 2014.

 We can’t wait to see who will win these great prizes and where you’d like us to travel next!



The Cross Country Quilt Shop Quest — Homeward Bound, Part 15: Keama’s Quilts in Green River WY

Sign at Keama's QuiltsOne of the most delightful parts about traveling around to visit so many quilt shops is seeing the unique personalities that shops develop, all united under the banner of friendship and creativity that is Quilting. And the final stop on The Cross Country Quilt Shop Quest found us at Keama’s (pronounced KEE-ma) Quilts in Green River WY, a shop with personality to spare.Map













When you step up to the front door, you are greeted by hanging baskets overflowing with brilliant blooms.

Keama's Quilt's StorefrontAnd, once inside, the landscape becomes a fantasy of marvelous fabric.

Quilts, Books, Patterns, and Precuts at Keama's QuiltsThe walls are lined with colorful quilts.

Quilts Line the Walls at Keama's Quilts

A row of vibrant batik quilt blocks preside over books, fabric and quilts in the entryway.

Quilt Blocks, Fabric, and More Quilts at Keama's QuiltsAbove the stairway, a wall of project ideas completes the entryway displays.

Sample Projects at Keama's Quilts

A rainbow of threads of every sort runs riot around the room. An open doorway offers a glimpse of bolts and bolts of fabric in glorious array.

Peeking into the Fabric Room at Keama's Quilts (photo courtesy of Keama's Quilts)To the left of the entry, more quilts and fabric line the walls of a large, sunny workroom

Fabric and More Quilts at Keama's Quilts

It was here we met shop owner Lisa, who greeted us warmly and offered to tell us about the shop. Our first question was, of course, “Who is Keama?”

Lisa told us how her fascination with quilting grew into Keama’s Quilts.

Then she showed us around the shop, stopping to point out a favorite quilt top or a project for an upcoming class.

Lisa Shows Off a Favorite Quilt Top at Keama's Quilts

The building that houses Keama’s Quilts was once a bank and the vault downstairs is now used for storage.

Lisa Shows Lynnie the Vault at Keama's QuiltAlso downstairs is the yarn shop, presided over by a friendly bear,

Bear Watches Over the Yarn at Keama's Quiltsand a spacious classroom lined with beautiful quilts.

Downstairs Classroom at Keama's QuiltsLisa’s trusty Gammill resides at one end of the classroom.

Gammill at Keama's Quilts (photo courtesy of Keama's Quilts)Something is always going on at Keama’s Quilts. This spring they have a full roster of quilting classes, covering everything from binding techniques to quick table runners to cuddly minky blankets. You can find the list of upcoming classes here. But a great deal of the learning at Keama’s Quilts happens more informally, as Lisa related:

As we’ve traveled across the country, we’ve visited delightful quilt shops, each with its own personality. But all of them share some very important characteristics: fabulous fabric and friendly, helpful people who love quilting and have a compulsion to share their love. That’s as true at Keama’s Quilts as it is anywhere else in the wonderful world of quilting.

Things to Know About Keama’s Quilts and Green River WY


Facebook: Keama’s Quilts

What to See and Do in Green River: Coming up May 30-31, 2014, is Quilting on the Green, the annual quilt show. This year’s show features classes in English paper piecing, wonky quilt layout, patchwork plus with machine applique, and a labyrinth quilt, plus a trunk show by Jan Krentz. For more information, you can download the show brochure here.

Where to Eat Lunch: Lisa recommends Penny’s Diner (1170 W Flaming Gorge Way) for good food in a fun 50’s atmosphere. Buckaroo’s (580 E Flaming Gorge Way) is a family-style restaurant with a western vibe.





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The Cross Country Quilt Shop Quest – Homeward Bound, Part 14: A Little Country Character in Green River WY

Front Door of A Little Country CharacterThe front door of A Little Country Character is guarded by perhaps the friendliest bear in all of Wyoming. And when you step inside, that friendly hospitality continues.

Fabric and More at A Little Country CharacterShelly at A Little Country CharacterAny quilter would feel right at home among the racks and racks of beautiful fabrics.

We were warmly welcomed by Shelly, the shop’s owner. As she walked with us through the rows of fabric, she gave a particularly lovely bolt a little pat here, tucked a stray corner back in place there, paused to point out a favorite quilt top or pattern in this corner, or a clever plaque in that one. Her fondness for fabric and craving for quilting is as obviously on display as the shop’s merchandise. And her smile expresses perfectly the essential character of A Little Country Character. This is a comfortable place where quilters, fabric, and ideas meet.



Shelly Shows Lynnie a Quilt Top at A Little Country CharacterAnd Shelly is delighted to perform the introductions.

More Quilts and Fabric at A Little Country CharacterStriking quilts boldly fan out to adorn the walls.

An Array of Quilts at A Little Country CharacterA baby crib overflows with bolts of cute, cuddly fabrics, just waiting to be transformed into a newborn’s quilt.

Crib Full of Fabric at A Little Country CharacterAn array of patriotic red, white, and blue proudly waves above a row of delicate pastels.

Patriotic and Pastel at A Little Country

Everywhere the eye can see, there’s an attractive assortment of lovely fabrics.

Bright Modern Fabrics at A Little Country Character

I thought these quick quilt pattern cards were interesting.

Quick Quilt Pattern Cards at A Little Country Character

And I loved this sampler quilt. The red/green version is gorgeous, but I think I’d like to make it in blue, too. At A Little Country Character, the choice is yours.

Sampler Quilt at A Little Country Character

Tucked in a back room, there’s a much used long-arm machine.

The Longarm Room at A Little Country Character

Bernina Machine at A Little Country CharacterAnd, of course, A Little Country Character is a Bernina dealer, so you’ll find a great selection of machines, attachments, and accessories available, plus helpful instruction on how to get the most from your new machine. They also offer repair services.



Shelly told us how A Little Country Character came to be.

And she reminisced about her favorite quilt, which hangs in the stairwell at A Little Country Character.

Right now, A Little Country Character has a large stock of cuddly minky fabrics and can show you how to make a luxuriously soft bound blanket. Coming soon, Simple Whatnots, an exciting new club from Kim Diehl and Henry Glass fabrics. A fun sewing series for kids is also in the works at A Little Country Character.

Things to Know About A Little Country Character and Green River WY

Facebook: A Little Country Character

What to See and Do in Green River: Just south of Green River lies Lake Flaming Gorge, well-known as a boating and fishing paradise. Don’t miss the White Mountain Petroglyphs, carved by Indians over 1000 years ago. And, a few miles west of town you’ll find Fossil Butte National Monument.

Where to Eat Lunch: Shelly suggests you try Don Pedro’s ( 520 Wilkes Dr, Ste 10) for Mexican food that will perk up your taste buds.

Libby Lehman

Libby Lehman Update 4-12-14 (scroll down for latest news)

Libby Lehman 2-15-14Libby has been home now for nearly three months. With the loving assistance of her family, friends and home health aides, a full regimen of outpatient therapy (complete with homework!), and her own indomitable will, she continues to make slow progress as she approaches the one-year anniversary of her aneurysm.

Today’s Caring Bridge report from her husband Lester:

We went to see Dr. Fernandez this afternoon. She is Libby’s nuero-opthamologist. She had previously thought that Libby had lost a lot of vision from the stroke. As it turns out, her initial thoughts were based mainly on Libby’s inability to perform a number of tests in the office visit a month ago. Today, Libby was able to do several things she could not do a month ago. Based upon what she saw today, she doesn’t think Libby has lost any vision. Also, a month ago Libby’s pupils were a little off center which now are aligned correctly. She said Libby had significant improvement in her cognitive ability since she had seen her a month ago – thank the Lord!!
I am making a real push to Libby’s cognitive recovery. We saw her GP last week and he increased one of her meds that helps with cognitive recovery after a stroke. He thought Libby had improved since he saw her about 2 months ago. Also, thanks to Les who researched all of her meds and found one, Vimpat – an anti seizure medication, has a very negative affect on cognitive brain recovery. We have an appointment with Libby’s neurologist on Thursday to get this changed.
Thanks to everyone for your continued support, interest and prayers for Libby. We knew this wasn’t going to be a sprint. Libby’s stroke was last May 3rd and she has come a long way!!
Bravo, Libby! Way to go, Team Libby! Carry on!
(photo by Bill Arnold)
Update 4-12-14 – Libby Hospitalized
From Libby’s sister Cathy on Caring Bridge this evening:
When Tiffany, one of Libby’s caregivers, got Libby out of bed today, she found Libby to be even weaker than she was yesterday. When Les and Tiffany saw that Libby was slumped over in her wheelchair, they wisely decided that she needed to go to the hospital immediately. They took her to Memorial Hermann Hospital in the Medical Center. Currently tests are being done – CAT scans, spinal taps, etc. Libby is barely conscious. Lester reported that so far no troubling results have been revealed from the tests. The doctors suspect some kind of infection, but further tests will be necessary to pinpoint the problem. Please know that family members have been and will continue to be with her at all times. She is still in the Emergency Center, and sweet sister, Ellen, will be spending the night with her tonight. We will keep you posted on any news. Please keep Libby in your prayers. Our hearts are breaking with this recent downturn in Libby’s recovery.
Please keep Libby in your thoughts and prayers.