The Cross Country Quilt Shop Quest – Homeward Bound, Part 11: Cosmic Cow in Lincoln NE

Cosmic Cow SignEach quilt shop seems to have a unique character all its own. At Cosmic Cow in Lincoln NE, that personality is a delightful combination of warm hospitality and cheerful whimsey. Built in around 1880, the neat brick building on Havelock Street had been a pharmacy. Owners Rich and Roxann purchased it and opened the store in 2002.

Why Cosmic Cow? They wanted to call their shop something memorable and fun. Cosmic Crossings? The Purple Cow? When they stumbled upon Cosmic Cow, they both smiled. And the bovine theme has served them so well that they’ve opened up a second location in Seward, a few miles to the west, appropriately called The Udder Store.

Rich’s original intention had been to open a gift shop, but Roxann, a longtime quilter and textile artist, put her foot down. “If I’m going to tend your shop,” she insisted, “I’m going to have fabric.” And now, as Rich points out with a rueful shake of his head as he gestures at the bolts and bolts of colorful fabrics that fill the shelves, the only knickknacks and non-quilty things to be seen are the collection of cows that stand guard over the textiles. And they’re not for sale.

Cows Keeping Watch over the Fabric at Cosmic Cow

Cosmic Cow specializes in modern prints, brights, and cheerful, fun fabrics.

More Panels and Sample Quilts at Cosmic CowThey also carry an extensive collection of panels.

More Panels and Sample Quilts at Cosmic CowAnd they have a wide assortment of beautiful earthy neutrals and Japanese diawabo fabrics, too.

Neutrals and Diawabo at Cosmic Cow

You’ll also find an eye-catching array of precut yardage, like these.

Fabric Precuts at Cosmic Cow

And there are surprises everywhere you look, like these huge fantasy flowers.

Fantasy Flower at Cosmic Cow

Or this lovely and intricate quilt.

Rich and an Amazing Quilt at Cosmic Cow

And the gorgeous star “quilt” hanging just outside the back door.

The Back Door at Cosmic Cow

Here’s a close-up of this intriguing artwork.

Star Quilt at Cosmic Cow

Rich and Friend at Cosmic Cow In the midst of all this fascinating color and texture, you’ll find Rich. Now retired from construction work, Rich has taken up longarm quilting and provides quilting services for patrons of the two stores.

And you’ll also find Roxann, pictured here as she addressed the Lincoln Quilt Guild in January 2012. (photo courtesy of Rebecka Shafer)


The Learning Curve Ruler*






This spring, Roxann is thrilled to be teaching curved piecing using Linda Warren’s Learning Curve ruler. This clever technique takes the fear out of curves and produces amazingly beautiful results.

Cosmic Cow and the Udder Store are gearing up for “Wild About Nebraska”,  the 16th Annual Nebraska Shop Hop. This state-wide extravaganza featuring 35 shops runs April 3-12, 2014. Read all about it here.

Things to Know About Cosmic Cow and Lincoln NE


What to See and Do in Lincoln: University of Nebraska is home to the International Quilt Study Center and Museum (1523 N. 33rd St.) with its collection of more than 4000 quilts dating from the early 1700s to the present and both permanent and changing exhibits. Rich also recommends the Dinosaur Museum just 10 minutes west of Lincoln in Milford (923 238th Rd) and the Nebraska State Capitol Building (1445 K Street).

Where to Eat Lunch: The Engine House Cafe, just a block west of Cosmic Cow (6028 Havelock Ave), serves delicious breakfast and lunch fare. For a more substantial meal, try Misty’s Steakhouse and Lounge a block east of the quilt shop (6235 Havelock Ave).

Next stop: Prairie Point Junction in Cozad NE


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3 Responses to The Cross Country Quilt Shop Quest – Homeward Bound, Part 11: Cosmic Cow in Lincoln NE

  1. Wow, your description makes me want to go to Nebraska and visit this shop!

  2. Phyllis says:

    Do u finish quilts. If so price on king size I have backing and pad

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