Libby Lehman Update – 1-14-14 – Welcome Home

Welcome Home Libby

We are delighted to pass on that after many adventures and much hard work, Libby Lehman was released from TIRR Memorial Hermann today and is once again HOME!

The full story from her sister Cathy on Caring Bridge:

What a day!  The discharge from TIRR went smoothly and Libby arrived home in the late morning.  Lester and Les helped her into and out of the car, and all at once she was sitting in her own living room surrounded by family and friends.  She said “I love being home!”
Doris and  Diane, Susan Guitierrez and several others brought balloons, “Welcome Home” signs, flowers, brownies, etc. to make it special for Libby.  And Gary Gartner’s hard work to make the Lehman home “handicap friendly” really helped.  Her wheelchair (she calls it “Franklin”) fit through all the doors on the first floor, and the safety bars are just where they need to be.  Bless you, Gary!  Thank goodness, the master bedroom is on the first floor, with a large bathroom that is wheelchair accessible  and now equipped with a shower chair.  Libby’s studio and office are on the second floor which is not accessible for her, but for the immediate future her focus will be on practicing daily skills and continued therapy.
Lester arranged for round the clock nursing assistant help through Yolanda from University Place, with Tiffany there during the day and Hannah there at night, and Yolanda giving them some relief on weekends.  Tiffany was there today, and she seems wonderful!  She is 26 years old, married to a Houston policeman, no children, and an experienced home caregiver.  She is from Louisiana and loves to cook!  She also said that although she is not a quilter, she watched several of Libby’s teaching videos on The Quilt Show and has been reading Caringbridge in order to know Libby better.  Her comment on the videos was “Circles look hard”.  Smart girl!
As per Libby’s request, Les made Libby a grill cheese sandwich with extra thin white bread, chips, and fresh fruit (including fresh pineapple – Libby’s favorite!) for lunch.  She also likes a little ice cream now.  (Blue Bell especially).  She didn’t like sweets before her stroke, but she said “my taste buds have changed”.
I asked Libby what she wanted to say to all of her “faithful followers” on her first day home, and at first she said emotionally, “That is a hard question.”  After a moment of reflection, she said tell them “Thank you for all of your support, kindness and love.”
The story of Libby’s recovery is still unfinished, but it has thankfully moved to a more “comfy” and familiar setting for her.  We will continue to report her progress and challenges.  Thank you for staying tuned, and for continuing to show so much interest and friendship.  We love you all!

Three cheers for Team Libby! Hurrah! Hurrah! Hooray!


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5 Responses to Libby Lehman Update – 1-14-14 – Welcome Home

  1. This has been an amazing journey for Libby. I had the pleasure of seeing her work at the IQF-Houston last Fall. I have admired her work; and hope that some day she will be able to resume her art.

  2. Reblogged this on stitchinggrandma and commented:
    I have been following Libby’s progress since her stroke. I had the opportunity to see her work at Houston last Fall. Praying she will be able to recover sufficiently to resume her craft.

  3. Debbie Wilson says:

    Libby lots of prayers are going out for you. May you be blessed and continue to be a blessing as you continue to walk through life.

  4. Patticake says:

    Continued improvements with prayers all around.

  5. Kathy Brosnan says:

    Libby, I think of you everyday, and our afterhours talks at Sew Expo @ Puyallup. You are in my heart!

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