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Libby Lehman Updates from Caring Bridge — 9-26-13

Libby ScarfTonight’s (9-25-13) update from Team Libby:

Today we received the expected but dreaded news that Libby no longer qualifies to be in the rehab program on the second floor of UP because she is physically unable to participate in the therapies. We certainly hope this is a temporary condition, and that she will be able to re-enter the program in the near future as her health improves.

For this next phase of Libby’s recovery, she will be moved tomorrow to the first floor of the University Place Nursing Center where she will continue to receive excellent care and when she is able, some limited physical therapy. We are thankful that she can continue in a comfortable and familiar environment, but she will certainly miss her therapists, nurses, aides, and doctors from the second floor. We all will.

All of the UP staff continues to demonstrate such dedication, professionalism, and true concern for Libby’s well-being – they have all been Blessings! One of the nurse’s aides named Gifty (from Jamaica) told me today, “I will miss Auntie Lubey! She is a person who touched my heart. I will visit her downstairs.” I told her Libby would love that, and I hoped to see her too.

Perhaps a more quiet room and less active floor will give Libby’s body and mind the opportunity to rest and to heal in the way that she needs. Lester has been communicating with all her doctors about what to do differently for Libby in order to get different and better results. Although they are “mystified” by her regression, they are discussing different options for treatment and medication. We pray they will be lead to good solutions which will improve Libby’s physical and mental state.

The first step will be to do a test on Libby by hooking up a machine to measure any seizure activity over a 24 hour period. During that test a family member will be present to push another button any time a seizure is suspected to be happening to Libby. Hopefully, the results will give the doctor information on the actual seizure activity and also whether it can be visually pinpointed by an observer. The results will help the doctors decide what steps to take next.

Libby continues to sleep most of the time now, with continued upset stomach issues and fidgeting, and with random moments of wakefulness and some feeble attempts at talking. We are all sad to see her weakened condition and are hoping and praying that she can experience improvement soon. We will all be sad to say “goodbye” to those upstairs tomorrow, but hope this will be a new beginning of better days for Libby in the future. May God continue to comfort and console Libby and all those who love her, including her many wonderful friends, students, and admirers. Good night to you all.

Please keep Libby and her family in your thoughts and prayers. Let’s hope that her doctors and family will be able to identify and treat whatever is causing her new difficulties.

Update for 9-26-13

From The Quilters Newsletter Blog:

On September 13, 2013, The National Quilt Museum released the new copy of their collection book. The book, entitled “Collection of The National Quilt Museum“, is updated every 3-5 years. The new book includes quilts that have been added to the collection since the last  publication and additional information on many quilts that were in previous editions. The book presents over 300 quilts from the official collection of The National Quilt Museum in a straightforward format that highlights the visual artistry and personal achievement of the quilters that created these extraordinary works of art.

One dollar from each copy of the “Collection of the National Quilt Museum” will be given to The Libby Lehman Medical Fund to help with her medical expenses. Libby is a longtime friend of the Museum and served on the Museum Board of Directors in 2012. As most of you know, Libby had a brain aneurysm in May of this year and is currently receiving daily care at a medical facility in Houston, Texas. The cover of the new edition features the work “Escapade” by Libby Lehman.

Thank you! to the National Quilt Museum for honoring a lovely lady with a beautiful book. I’m adding this title to my Christmas wish list.


3 thoughts on “Libby Lehman Updates from Caring Bridge — 9-26-13

  1. It makes me so sad to hear this. I read the posts all the time on caring bridge, and knew this was coming. Sometimes we just have to realize there is a greater plan. But the awesome thing about Libby’s situation is how connected the quilting world is; and how it has brought so many people together to pray!

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