We’ll Be Right Back!

we'll be right back monkey (whall.org)

A series of family crises has diverted my attention from The Quilt Shop Navigator for the past month. Things are settling down now, and The Cross Country Quilt Shop Quest will resume soon. Stay tuned.



2 thoughts on “We’ll Be Right Back!

  1. Good Day!
    I will be visiting Washington DC in October 2013, from South Africa. Can you please refer me to quiltshops in the area? I am a keen quilter and would love to do shopping for fabric, patterns, books and great ideas! Can’t wait to hear from you,
    Kind Regards
    Elsabe Gouws

    1. Hello, Elsabe!

      The shops in Virginia and Maryland that we featured recently in our Cross Country Quilt Shop Quest blog posts are all within 1 to 2 hours drive of Washington DC. All of the Virginia shops are in the Washington DC suburbs. Material Girls in La Plata MD is also in a DC suburb. The other Maryland shops are closer to Baltimore, but still within reach. By all means, sign up for The Quilt Shop Navigator mobile website at myqsn.com, and you’ll be able to locate those shops and more. Have a great trip!

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