The Cross Country Quilt Shop Quest — Homeward Bound, Part 5: Sewing Connection in Milan OH

The morning of our second day on the road home began with a visit to Sewing Connection in Milan OH.

Storefront Sewing Connection

Marjorie's Vest at Sewing ConnectionThere we were greeted by the owner Marjorie, who graciously started her day a half hour early to accommodate our schedule. We hit it off right away. She said that she’s been sewing “forever”.

She worked for a sewing machine dealer in Cleveland. Then the dealer decided to relocate to a site on the east side of Cleveland. Marjorie’s husband was working on the west side of Cleveland near Milan. So she said to herself, “I’ll try this!” That was twenty years ago.

Selling sewing machines and running a quilt shop isn’t the only adventure Marjorie has pursued. Take a peek at the vest she’s wearing. It’s her own creation, made with her own hand-dyed fabrics. Here’s a closeup:

cropped wide vest fabric closeupIsn’t it lovely stuff? And it’s only one of the reasons quilters travel far and wide to shop at the Sewing Connection.

And a glance around the shop reaffirms that niche.

Inside Sewing Connection

There are beautiful quilts created from glowing batiks and hand-dyes.

summer solstice

Incredible machine embroidery, quilting and applique.

Wearable Projects and More

Take a look at the detail on the front of this lovely black dress.

cropped embroidered dress

cropped rotated embroidery detail

Beautiful!  And Marjorie can show you how to create such masterpieces, not only on clothing, but on quilts, too.

Different Rail Fence Quilt at Sewing Connection

And she can help you find the perfect Bernina or Husqvarna machine with which to accomplish such marvelous feats as well.

Machines at Sewing Connection

Marjorie can help you with simpler projects, too, like this easy-going four patch design,

Four Patch Squared Quilt

or these cheerful hearts.

Heart Quilt at Sewing Connection

Sewing Connection is all about Sewing, but as its name implies, it’s also about Connection. Quilting and sewing have always been communal activities, first connecting quilters as they create their quilts and then connecting them with the people who are warmly wrapped in those same quilts. When Marjorie talks about transformation that takes place when someone discovers sewing and quilting as a creative outlet, you can see how deeply she cares about that process, about her customers, and about what Martha Pullen calls, “the ministry of sewing.”

The shop is a collection center for the ConKerr Cancer pillowcase project. Marjorie frequently refurbishes older machines and donates them to women who are ready to graduate from a local women’s shelter program. Listen to her tell one of the resulting stories:

“If you do not know the answer, it is not a foolish question. If you already knew the answer, you wouldn’t need us.”

Words to live by.

Things to Know About Sewing Connection and Milan OH


What to see in Milan: Milan (pronounced “MY-lan”) is home to the Thomas Alva Edison Birthplace Museum (9 Edison Drive in Milan, Ohio) which offers a fascinating look into the life and inventions of one of America’s most famous innovators. Marjorie also says that the annual Milan Melon Festival, held every Labor Day weekend, is a celebration not to be missed.

Where to eat lunch: Marjorie recommends Berry’s (15 W Main St, Norwalk). There are also several restaurants on the Town Square in Milan — Invention Family Restaurant (15 N Main), Jim’s Pizza Box (10 N Main), Park Square Tavern (51 Front St ). A little further afield, Marjorie likes Marconi’s Italian Restaurant (424 Berlin Rd, in Huron).


Next Stop: Threads of Tradition at Sauder Village in Archbold OH


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