Libby Lehman Updates — 7-25-13

Libby Lehman was released from the hospital over the weekend and went back to the rehabilitation center where she had been receiving treatment. However, yesterday, she was returned to the hospital to have her shunt adjusted and will remain hospitalized for a few more days.

In other Libby news, the American Quilter’s Society has announced a benefit auction in Libby’s behalf. See the link below for more information.

AQS – Libby Lehman Benefit Auction

Update for 7-17-13:

Libby is still hospitalized. She underwent surgery to replace the bones in her skull that had been removed during her first surgery. This is a very positive step, since it indicates that there is no longer great concern for significant swelling and/or pressure in her brain.

From her sister a few moments ago:

Dr Dannebaum told us Libby’s surgery went well. He did some stitching, pasting, and patching (with 5 small titanium plates about the size of nickels). Sounds like the kind of work you quilters could help with, although there might be a lot of discussion about thread color, texture of the cement paste and plates. I bet in the future there will be a lot more careful scrutiny of his stitchwork than he could ever imagine. In any case, we will be forever thankful for healthy results for Libby!!! We are waiting for Libby to be taken from post-op to ICU. Dr says he will keep her here in hospital for careful care and observation for several days. We are dancing a happy dance here in the ICU waiting room, at least we are in our minds. Feel free to join in at home!!!

Update for 7-18-13

From Libby’s sister Ellen:

Below is Lester’s first report of the day:

“Libby was sleeping when I saw her about 8 this morning”…They gave her some medicine for vomiting and to bring down her blood pressure, and both meds seemed to be working. Lester’s plan was to go back to see Libby after lunch and to bring their son, Les back in the late afternoon.

After lunch I got an enthusiastic call from Lester saying Libby was “wide-eyed and bushy tailed”, which is Texan or Southern, or both for – Good News! He was doubly excited because he is picking up their son Les from the airport later today, (coming in from Florida) and bringing him to the hospital to visit Libby. What a Blessing that she seems to be recovering so well from her surgery yesterday and will probably be able to appreciate the visit from Les. So thrilled for all three of them!!!

So glad to hear that Libby has come through this latest surgery so well. Doubly glad to know her son Les is coming to visit.

Update for 7-23-13

Libby has returned to the rehab center at University Place.

From Sarah last night:

I know Libby must be feeling like a wandering gypsy going back & forth between the Hospital & UP but so tickled to report she will be on the road again back to UP. Lester left me a message that she will be traveling via ambulance back to UP around 5:00 this afternoon. We are so appreciative of all the nurses and doctors at Hermann Hospital and can not say thank you enough. Libby had excellent care during her short stay there. Les called and had spent time with his Mom earlier reporting that she was still trying to speak which is good but thought she was getting frustrated at not being able to get out clearly what she was trying to say. Who wouldn’t be? He had brought back her activity apron and noticed how much she enjoys textures so…. he has gone back to their house, into her studio and is going to try and find one of the many kits he used to help his Mom assemble for her classes and he is (well you aren’t going to believe this) but try and sew one together. Now talk about a gift of love. He hopes touching and looking at one of her own simple samples will bring her some satisfaction. I think if she feels the stiching carefully it might bring her a chuckle or two. Not many grown sons would take on such an activity. He has to leave tomorrow morning so he is planning on busy hands this evening. He said it may or may not work out but he’s going to give it a try.  Lester talked with Dr. D this afternoon and said Libby’s CAT scan looked good. We will let you know how the return trip to UP goes. This is a good way to start the week.

And from Cathy this morning:

Early yesterday evening Libby and Lester arrived at University Place (UP), the wonderful rehab facility that has become Libby’s “home away from home”. The ambulance ride from the medical center near downtown was long due to the rush hour traffic and a wreck at the I59 and 610 Loop intersection, but Libby was alert when they arrived.
Sarah, Les and Cathy were there to greet her and get her tucked in for the night, along with many of the familiar nurses and staff at UP who were enthusiastic about Libby’s return. Two nurses “shooed out” the family so they could adjust Libby’s monitoring wires and get her comfortable.
The highlight of the evening was when Les presented his Mom with an “activity cloth” that he had made for her the night before. (See last photo in photo section). He used material from her studio and actually did several embroidery stitches on Libby’s Bernina machine. Libby gave him a teary smile, and she seemed very moved emotionally by his sweet gift. She gave her two Lesters kisses goodnight and went to sleep quickly after a very busy day.

Les With His Creation

What a guy!

Update for 7-24-13:

A good report today from Libby’s sister Sarah:

Lester just called with some wonderful news. Said Libby “had a real break-through today”! She said several words clearly like Lester, Bye Mark, Hi, I’m fine – isn’t that awesome?! Also said the therapists are very happy by her progress. Yesterday she sat in chair for over an hour (with support) and then today in the PT room, she sat for a few minutes unassisted and then again in the chair with support. Pia (PT Therapist) told Lester she is very encouraged about Libby’s abilities and willingness to try. Being able to sit unassisted is a big goal for her but is necessary before other therapies can be worked on. Lester said Amy (Speech Therapist) & Libby were “talking” the whole session. Dr. D came by to check on her and remove her staples from the surgery with the shunt.  Cathy has been up there along with Doris visiting and encouraging Libby. Sounds like an incredible day & I can hardly wait to see her tonight. Closing with a big grateful Hallelujah!

So very glad to hear that Libby is progressing so well after her surgery and beginning to regain her language ability. May we hear her famous quilting patter soon.

Update for 7-25-13:

Wonderful news from Libby’s sister Sarah:

Walked into Libby’s room today around 7 am & without prompting she said “Good Morning”! Then when nurse said she was beautiful, she said “thank you”. Asked her how she was feeling & she said (again on her own) “Better”. Her nephew Alan called while I was there & after he finished talking, she said very clearly “bye”. Then she told nurse Linda & I “I’m tired” so we had strong hand hugs & as I told her to get some rest as she would have therapy & visitors, she said loudly “Lester” and grinned. What a fabulous way to start a day. Going to be another good one – yipee! She still has low fever of 100.6. but there is definately joy in the morning! !!❤ I hope each of you receive as rich a blessing today.



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