Libby Lehman Update from Caring Bridge – 7-6-13

Libby LehmanFrom Libby’s sister Ellen this morning:

Reports from Houston today indicated that. Libby was suffering some discomfort from vomiting and a red rash. In spite of those handicaps she managed to swallow a tiny bit of applesauce during speech therapy and worked well with Pia, the physical therapist, on transferring in and out of the wheelchair to bed She still has a long way to go, but God bless her efforts. The doctor was going to check on her this afternoon. We are hoping an adjustment in her medications will help. On a happier note – Congratulations to Sister Sarah who became a Grandmother for the first time today with the birth of Madelyn Margaret, 6 pounds 11 ounces of Joy! Momma Renea, baby, and Poppa Justin (sarah’s son) are all doing well. Praise God! Biding all Sweet Dreams from Colorado, Sister Ellen

Afternoon Update 7-2-13:

From Libby’s sister Cathy:

Libby was awake and alert this morning. Her speech therapy included swallowing and it went well. In occupational and physical therapies they are both concentrating on balance and getting in and out of the wheel chair from the bed. She is still having trouble over coming her fear of falling but seemingly getting a little better.   Apparently dizziness is very common in stroke patients and could be contributing to her occasional nausea.  But today was better than yesterday!


Relearning how to swallow is a big step forward. But just the fact that Libby has to relearn such basic things indicates how seriously she has been injured and how long and difficult her recovery will be.


Update for 7-3-13


From Libby’s sister Cathy:

Today most of Team Libby (including Libby!) had a meeting with Libby’s therapists, nutritionist, head nurse, and her social worker from University Place.  It was a good meeting, with lots of information exchanged. Savannah, her Occupational Therapist, explained that Libby has made slow but good progress in the three weeks she has been at University Place.  She has been working on visual tracking, balance and sitting posture, and following commands.

    Pia, her Physical Therapist, has been working on balance, orientation of the head, transition to the wheelchair,  and overcoming the fear of falling.
     Amy, her Speech Therapist, has focused on one step commands and swallowing exercises.
     They asked that going forward, member of Team Libby only “look in” on the morning therapy sessions rather than attending them.  They said for the first few weeks it was critical to have familiar voices and faces there, but now they need for Libby to be exclusively focused on the therapists.  Therefore, we may not be able to report quite as detailed information on her therapies.  But we totally trust this amazing group of professionals and will pass on the progress we witness during the rest of the day.
   Wishing each and everyone of you a Happy and Safe Fourth!
Update for 7-5-13
From Libby’s sister Cathy tonight:
    This morning Pia the physical therapist and Amy the speech therapist noticed that Libby had some increased swelling on the right side of her head.  To make a long story short, Libby was taken by ambulance to Memorial Hermann Hospital in the Medical Center (where she had her original surgery) to be checked out.  We are in the Emergency Room with her waiting for the results of a CAT scan she had a few minutes ago.  She is resting more quietly now, but has been very agitated and more jittery than the past few days.  She is very uncomfortable.  Her neurosurgeon, Dr. Mark Dannenbaum, is returning from Galveston and should be here in a few hours. In the meantime the neurologist in the ER is evaluating her situation.  We will keep you posted.

     Please pray that this change in Libby’s condition is minor and short-lived.  Please pray for strength for Lester and all of TEAM LIBBY in our extreme sense of helplessness.
Update for 7-6-13
From Libby’s sister Sarah:
Libby is alert this morning but remains in NSICU. They were able to temporarily relieve some of the swelling. She is scheduled for an EEG today. She is getting strong antibiotics for a urinary infection. She keeps giving us big yawns and tried to pucker her lips when Lester asked for a kiss. Nurse Martha is giving her lots of attention and great care. Libby is responsive but fades into some mini-naps and then opens those beautiful eyes and takes in the sights of the room. Love sitting by her bed, holding her right hand, chatting or watching her rest. Team Libby has been surrounding her with lots of love. Will keep giving updates but suspect today will be one of rest & observation while run tests and give medications opportunity to work. Hugs- Sarah
And from her sister Cathy:
Sorry that it took us awhile to get an entry into this Journal this morning.  I had told my sisters that I would do it, but I just had phone call after phone call, and thank goodness Sarah stepped in.  Last night they put an external shunt in Libby’s brain to help drain the fluid that had built up.  She seems much more comfortable this morning, and more alert.  As Sarah said below, they are continuing to run tests and to give her medication for infection and seizures, and it is likely that Libby will be in the ICU area of Memorial Hermann Hospital until at least early next week.  Some further procedures may be necessary to alleviate the fluid build-up.  We will keep you posted.  Thanks again for all of your prayers and support.
God bless Libby and her family. May she heal quickly from this setback.

If you are reading this, it is obvious that you care about Libby. Please consider how you can help Libby and her family. How We Can Help Libby Lehman


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