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The Cross Country Quilt Shop Quest — Virginia Shops, Part 4: Suzzie’s Quilt Shop in Manassas

The Quilt Shop Navigator is amazing! Suzzie’s Quilt Shop in Manassas is brand new — they just opened earlier this year. Within 24 hours after our staff had talked with Brian and Susy and verified their information, Suzzie’s Quilt Shop was in the database and listed on myqsn.com! And even though we were already on the road, we had complete access to their information, and could even retrieve directions from where we were staying to their location!

Resized Map

As of today (June 25th), by the way, there are 3874 shops all across the United States and Canada listed in the Quilt Shop Navigator’s Premium Edition.

And so, on a warm and sunny afternoon in May, we pulled up to the door of Suzzie’s Quilt Shop.

Suzzie's Quilt Shop Storefront

And the first thing I heard when I opened that door was a burst of good-natured laughter and happy chatter.

Lynnie at Suzzie's Door

I soon found the source of the merriment, a collection of collaborating quilters gathered around the cutting table.

The Cutting Counter Crowd at Suzzie's

This cheerful group was helping a customer choose the perfect green fabric for her quilt’s borders.

Picking out the perfect green fabric at Suzzie's

And there was Susy, right in the midst of the gathering, with her husband Brian.

Suzzie and Brian

Susy grew up in Indonesia and started working in her parents’ store when she was very young. She’s been quilting for about a dozen years, and decided to combine her love of retail business with her fascination with quilting. But let her tell her story:

Suzzie’s is brimming over with beautiful fabrics.

Fabric at Suzzie's

And hanging above the wall of rainbow batiks are inspiring quilts guaranteed to make your needle fingers itch,


Everywhere you look, you’ll see fabulous fabrics and stunning sample quilts.

Spectacular Samples at Suzzie's

And even a few clever little surprises here and there.

Bird of Many Colors

Suzzie’s Quilt Shop specializes in batiks and contemporary/modern fabrics.

Susy loves fabric and loves sharing it with her customers even more.

They’re also excited to become the newest Janome dealers in Virginia and were waiting for their first machines to arrive.  The machines have come in since our visit in May, and are right in the thick of the party, adding to the excitement that fills the shop.

Janome Machines at Suzzie's Quilt Shop(photo courtesy of Suzzie’s Quilt Shop)

We also had the opportunity to chat with Shelly, Sue, and Stephanie, who joke that in order to work at Suzzie’s, your name should start with the letter ‘S’.

Shelly, Sue, and Stephanie -- Suzzie's Crew

Their cheerful and competent assistance puts customers at ease and, with Susy’s infectious enthusiasm, are another reason that customers call Suzzie’s Quilt Shop, “The Happy Store.”

Things to Know about Suzzie’s Quilt Shop and Manassas VA:

Facebook:  Suzzie’s Quilt Shop  Susy’s Facebook page is a vibrant community where she shares the shop’s latest arrivals, quilting news, and pictures of happy customers and their magnificent creations.

What to see in Manassas:

Manassas was the site of two of the most important battles of the Civil War. The National Battlefield Park at Manassas offers films, museum exhibits, and self-guided driving and hiking tours that trace the battles of 1861 and 1862. You can find more information about Historic Old Town Manassas and other attractions in the area here.

Where to eat lunch: Susy recommends A Deli Italian Restaurant (10384 Portsmouth Rd.), just three doors down from her shop. Also nearby is Super Chicken (10380 Festival Lane) serving delicious Peruvian rotisserie chicken.

Coming Soon: Our final shop in Virginia, Old Town Needlecrafts in Manassas.


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