Libby Lehman Updates from Caring Bridge — 6-27-13

Libby and Lester Lehman Anniversary Picture

Libby continues to make slow progress. Some days show big improvements; others, not so much.

From her sister Ellen today:

Today was a “two steps forward, one step back” sort of day. The one step back was that Libby is experiencing some very mild seizures when moved into the wheelchair, which means it takes her a little time afterwards to rest and recover. The doctor has increased her anti-seizure medication but says that this sort of thing is common for stroke patients. Maybe so, but it is hard on us non-medical folk to witness it, although- better hard on us than Libby!

Victory at last -during PT today Libby got the lid off the water bottle to the rousing “Yea’s!” of the crowd! She performed well at all tasks and was especially “talkative” to her niece Susan. Although we cannot understand her yet, she seemed to be telling Susan about her displeasure with some of the PT, and when Susan sympathized with, “Is some of this boring?”, Libby clearly answered, “Boring!” Maybe not our favorite response, but we celebrate Any clear words!

Every day her alertness and ability to sit up with less help encourages us and her therapists. She is not as fidgety with her right arm and able to look front and center as well as to the right much better than two days ago. We are still working on “waking up” the left side but have seen some teeny tiny movement there.

Lester talked to her neurosurgeon Dr. Dannebaum today and told him of her therapy results. Dr. D. was very pleased and said that Libby’s progress at this stage indicated she was likely to have a Very good recovery. Now that’s a doctor’s prognosis that we all love to hear! God willing, let’s hope he’s Right!

Update for 6-27-13:

From Libby’s sister Cathy:

I just left Libby a few minutes ago after a few hours together.  She gave me a tiny smile when I arrived, but she really just wanted to be left alone.  It may be because the doctor increased her anti-seizure medicine today, or it may be that she is beginning to realize that her life right now is the pits.  This trip certainly was not in her travel plans!

     Libby has always been a person with a high threshold for frustration.  She is a problem-solver by nature, but when the situation just can’t be fixed, she has always accepted it and moved on.  But my heart breaks for her in her current challenge.  She is bed-ridden and on a feeding tube and has almost no control of the left side of her body.  She has major brain damage.  Could there be a harder test of your spirit and resolve?
     As many of you have said, if anyone can meet this challenge it is Libby.  Since she is only 14 months older than me, I have witnessed her strength and maturity up close since my earliest memories.  Believe me, she is a hard act to follow!  So I say with all of my heart to my sweet sister Libby the following;
  “Libby, you have been given the ultimate test.  This one is a whopper.  But you are not alone in this fight.  You have your faith and your family and an enormous universe of friends and supporters.  We have your back.  Dig deep in your soul and find the courage and patience to move forward step by step, just as you have met every other challenge in your life.  Unfortunately this process cannot be fast-tracked.  Nor can we do it for you.  But just as you held our hands when we crossed the street as kids, Ellen, Sarah and I and all of our families are there to pull you back to safety if needed.  And Lester and his family are protecting you too in every way possible.  And on top of that you have the most amazing fan club of people all over the world providing a giant parachute. Please know that you will be loved and cared for no matter where you land. Godspeed.”


Team Libby is an amazing bunch. Through all of this, they have shown remarkable grace and great skill in coordinating their efforts.

To learn how you can help, please visit How We Can Help Libby Lehman. And if you would like to send a brief get well to Libby on The Quilt Shop Navigator’s scroll, please leave a comment below. Be sure to tell us what city you live in, so we can add your pin to Libby’s map.

(photo of Libby and Lester, courtesy of the Lehman family)


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