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The Cross Country Quilt Shop Quest — Virginia Shops, Part 2: Circle Sewing Studios in Woodbridge VA

Tucked into the lower level of Tackett’s Mill Shopping Center is a delightful little quilt shop called Circle Sewing Studios.

Resized Map

As you enter Tackett’s Mill from Harbor Drive, take the turnoff on the left to reach the lower level parking lot.

Circle Sewing Studio is on the Lower Level of Tacketts Mill Shopping Center

And Circle Sewing Studios will be right on the corner.

Circle Sewing Studio in Woodbridge VA

Inside, you’ll find an array of Janome sewing machines basking in the light from the large front windows. Circle Sewing Studios is an authorized Janome dealer.

Janome machines at Circle Sewing Center

Lining the hall from the machine showroom to the fabric center, you’ll see patterns, notions, and samples galore.

Pattern Hallway at Circle Sewing Center

And you’ll also find shop owner Parker, perched on a stool at the cutting counter, which she cheerfully calls her “kitchen table”. Very likely, you’ll be asked to pull up a stool and join her.

Circle Sewing Studio Packs a Lot into a Small Space

But you’ll probably want to wander around a bit, first. There’s a panorama of glorious batiks calling out to you.

Circle Sewing Studio Specializes in Batiks

A whole rainbow at your fingertips!

More fabrics and patterns

Circle Sewing Studios carries a variety of fabrics — traditional, reproduction, patriotic, floral — but batiks are their specialty.

Fabric at Circle Sewing Studio

In fact, at Circle Sewing Studios, their fabric philosophy is prominently displayed for all to see:

No Such Thing

And then there are the quilts. The walls at Circle Sewing Studios are adorned with lovely and delightful quilts that give rise to “I want to try that!”  From traditional samplers

Sampler Quilt

to a stunning contemporary New Y0rk Beauty,

A Beauty of a New York Beauty at Circle Sewing Studio

and from a collection of intriguing small quilts

Clever Small Quilts at Circle Sewing Studio

to a magnificent Double Wedding Ring,

Double Wedding Ring

or a bright tablerunner.

Table Runner

And, my favorite, Parker’s own Crumb Quilt design:

Parker's Crumb Starter Quilt

Parker explained her technique to me.

The fabric room/classroom/sewing center is the heart of Circle Sewing Studios, in more ways than one. Whenever Parker has a spare minute, she’s busy at her machine, making quilts. I had to smile when I saw her sewing corner. There’s so much going on there!

Parker's Sewing Corner at Circle Sewing Studio

Many of her quilts are destined to comfort complete strangers, people who have endured tragedy and loss, and those who are homeless or ill. Circle Sewing Studios is a drop-off for Con-Kerr Cancer pillowcases, has worked with Project Linus, and is actively involved in making wounded warrior quilts as well.

And they are truly beautiful quilts. Parker has designed a reversible quilt, called her “Quilt of Many Colors”, that is completely sewn by machine. It’s become one of Circle Sewing Studio’s most popular classes.

Parker Shows Off Another of Her Own Designs

And then there are what Parker refers to as “Quilting Emergencies”.

Whatever your own Quilting Emergency, you’ll find innovative ideas, helpful people, and a warm welcome at Circle Sewing Studios.

Things to Know about Circle Sewing Studios and Woodbridge VA:

Website: www.circlesewingstudios.com

Facebook: Circle Sewing Studios

What to see in Woodbridge: Woodbridge is a suburb of Washington DC, so all of the attractions of the Nation’s Capital are close at hand, as well as historical sites dating back to Colonial times.  The Occoquan Bay National Wildlife Refuge is a one-square mile sanctuary which offers hiking trails through diverse habitats.  One of my personal favorites is the somewhat quirky Weems-Botts Museum (3944 Cameron Street)  just 15 minutes south of Woodbridge in historic Dumfries.

Where to eat lunch: Parker recommends Lake Ridge Pizzeria just around the corner in the upper level of Tackett’s Mill Shopping Center for delicious salads, burgers, and sandwiches as well as pizza.


Next Time: Quilt and Sewing Center of Fredericksburg VA


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