An Important Libby Lehman Update — Angels Needed — Updated 6-21-13

Libby and Lester Lehman Anniversary Picture (Photo of Libby and Lester in happier times courtesy of the Lehmans)

Last night, Libby’s sister Cathy posted an important update:

Contributions – Angels Needed

     As Libby’s recovery plan is beginning to take shape, it has become clear that this will be a long and unpredictable process.  Medicare will only pay for a portion of the cost of the rehab.  She does not have an auxiliary policy. The burden of paying for the long term rehab and care will fall to Lester and the family.

     Thank you to all who have donated to CaringBridge in tribute to Libby.  Although those contributions do not go towards any medical expenses, they have helped to make possible this website communication.
     If you would like to make a much needed contribution towards Libby’s rehab and other extensive medical expenses, it would help ensure that Libby is provided with the best medical care possible. 
     A bank account has been set up at JPMorgan Chase Bank.  The name of the account is the “Libby Lehman Medical Fund”.   Checks, Money Orders, or Cashier’s Checks should be made out to “Libby Lehman Medical Fund” and mailed to her sister, Cathy Arnold at 2220 Stanmore, Houston, TX 77019.  Please include your name and address if it is not on the check.   If you wish to use an online secure transfer method from any bank called Chase Quick Pay, please email Cathy’s husband, Bill Arnold at, and he will provide you with proper instructions.   
     Bill Arnold and Bill Askey, Libby’s brother-in-laws, are the Trustees of the Fund and the only signors on the bank account. To the extent possible by the amount of funds in the account, they will be responsible for issuing checks to pay for any medical bills that are presented by Lester.  The Family is very appreciative of all cards, letters, quilt pieces, and contributions received on behalf of our beloved Sister, Libby.  She is a real treasure to all of us, and we all want her to be able to recover to the best of her abilities.
Thank you so much.
This must have been a very difficult post for Libby’s family to make. Please consider helping.
When Libby was first injured, a lot of us wanted to make her comfort quilts. Well, perhaps she needs them now. Let’s make them, raffle them off or sell them, and donate the money to Libby’s medical fund.
My grandmother wrote poetry and lines from one of her poems have become my war cry:
If every man relieved the pain he saw,

We’d need no glory; Heaven would be here.

Update 6-10-13:
Very happy news from Cathy this morning
Oh Happy Day! Libby said a few words today, answering questions appropriately with, “yes, no, I am, I did”, and question, “you did?” she said “Lester” and stuck out her tongue at him and puckered her lips for a kiss, with equal fervor. We are Thankful, thankful, thankful!

There is still a long, long road ahead, with more rehabilitation and additional surgery, but God is merciful and good.
She is scheduled to move by ambulance to the new skilled nursing center soon, so more later!
Sister Ellen, Lester, and Sister Cathy
We are so very glad to hear this. May Libby continue to progress and regain her abilities.
Update 6-13-13:
Be sure to read How We Can Help Libby Lehman on this blog.
Update 6-18-13:
Libby has been transferred to a nursing facility and is continuing her therapy. Recent posts from her family show slow progress in her recovery. The initial reports were that her strokes had destroyed her brain’s speech and language centers, but she is demonstrating the ability to understand and respond to those around her, recognizing family and friends, and both answering questions and following the directions of her therapists.
Today’s report from her sister Ellen on Caring Bridge:

Just have to share this Great News from Lester on Libby’s progress today during her therapies:

Best day by far. Most alert and awake since stroke.

They have her in a real wheel chair and they have her attached to a peddling machine. One of the therapist started dancing in front of her while a couple of others were talking about margaritas, and she stared shaking her stomach and shoulders and giggling. This is by far the most interaction with other people and answering questions with head shakes that I have seen.

She gave me 2 kisses, the second one very loud which brought cheers and laughter from all over the room. And don’t forget that when I told her first thing this morning that her nephew Alan and his wife Amy were coming to see her this Friday, she looked at me and said “Friday”.   Best day by far!”

Feel free to shoot up prayers of Thanks! and go ahead and dance in the aisles! What Great News!

Happy, happy, happy dance! And may Libby be able to dance along with us again someday.


Update for 6-21-13:

Caring Bridge had some issues the last few days as they updated their website, but things were back and running fairly smoothly by last night.

Libby continues to make slow progress, but as expected, it’s often two steps forward and one step back. Here’s what her sisters posted on Caring Bridge last night.

Libby Lehman

From Ellen:

Each morning it seems like Libby can do something new but sometimes not everything she could do the day before. Still, it is wonderful to see more and more of our sweet Libby come back in a few, sporadic words, and facial and body gestures which assure us that she recognizes us, understands us, and is trying to make herself understood. And we do understand – she is the same determined, humorous, and loving person she has always been. She is inspiring to all of her support team and to everyone who is taking care of her at the University Place Nursing Center.

We Thank God for our many blessings and Libby’s continuing recovery. May He grant her strength and courage as she fights her way back to her family, friends, and many faithful admirers. Amen.

From Cathy:

Libby had a good day in PT and the therapists in all three areas are very pleased with her willingness to TRY and in her progress. The big improvement today was on the bicycle pedaling machine where she increased her part to 17% (from 7 and 10 the last two days). She continues to make sounds and try to talk and clearly understands a lot of most of what is being said. Her speech therapist Amy would probably say Libby’s highlight today was when Libby reached out for her and pulled her in for a hug. Amy had tears of happiness in her eyes.

The last few days Libby has only been able to look to the right or turn her head and eyes with effort to the middle, but not to the left. All of the therapists worked with her about trying to go left, but no luck today.

Libby continues to improve in sitting up without much assistance, holding her head up, and being awake more of the time. She IS making progress. Thank God! Thank you all for your continued support and help! 

Be sure to read How We Can Help Libby Lehman on this blog. Let’s all do what we can to help her.


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  2. Penny Abbott says:

    Keep up the hard work Libby! No quilter ends up with straight seams and perfect points with out hard work and dedication to their craft. Get back on that horse and ride girl! We all know you can do it! With prayers, hugs, love, warm wishes, and straight stitches!

  3. Penny Abbott says:

    Libby needs to learn the quilter shuffle….available on You tube….she can partake in some of the movements while in bed or in her chair.

  4. Lucretia says:

    Appreciating the time and effort you put into your blog and in depth information you present.
    It’s great to come across a blog every once in a while that isn’t the
    same out of date rehashed information. Fantastic read! I’ve saved
    your site and I’m including your RSS feeds to my Google account.

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