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The Cross Country Quilt Shop Quest — Virginia Shops, Part 4: Suzzie’s Quilt Shop in Manassas

The Quilt Shop Navigator is amazing! Suzzie’s Quilt Shop in Manassas is brand new — they just opened earlier this year. Within 24 hours after our staff had talked with Brian and Susy and verified their information, Suzzie’s Quilt Shop was in the database and listed on myqsn.com! And even though we were already on the road, we had complete access to their information, and could even retrieve directions from where we were staying to their location!

Resized Map

As of today (June 25th), by the way, there are 3874 shops all across the United States and Canada listed in the Quilt Shop Navigator’s Premium Edition.

And so, on a warm and sunny afternoon in May, we pulled up to the door of Suzzie’s Quilt Shop.

Suzzie's Quilt Shop Storefront

And the first thing I heard when I opened that door was a burst of good-natured laughter and happy chatter.

Lynnie at Suzzie's Door

I soon found the source of the merriment, a collection of collaborating quilters gathered around the cutting table.

The Cutting Counter Crowd at Suzzie's

This cheerful group was helping a customer choose the perfect green fabric for her quilt’s borders.

Picking out the perfect green fabric at Suzzie's

And there was Susy, right in the midst of the gathering, with her husband Brian.

Suzzie and Brian

Susy grew up in Indonesia and started working in her parents’ store when she was very young. She’s been quilting for about a dozen years, and decided to combine her love of retail business with her fascination with quilting. But let her tell her story:

Suzzie’s is brimming over with beautiful fabrics.

Fabric at Suzzie's

And hanging above the wall of rainbow batiks are inspiring quilts guaranteed to make your needle fingers itch,


Everywhere you look, you’ll see fabulous fabrics and stunning sample quilts.

Spectacular Samples at Suzzie's

And even a few clever little surprises here and there.

Bird of Many Colors

Suzzie’s Quilt Shop specializes in batiks and contemporary/modern fabrics.

Susy loves fabric and loves sharing it with her customers even more.

They’re also excited to become the newest Janome dealers in Virginia and were waiting for their first machines to arrive.  The machines have come in since our visit in May, and are right in the thick of the party, adding to the excitement that fills the shop.

Janome Machines at Suzzie's Quilt Shop(photo courtesy of Suzzie’s Quilt Shop)

We also had the opportunity to chat with Shelly, Sue, and Stephanie, who joke that in order to work at Suzzie’s, your name should start with the letter ‘S’.

Shelly, Sue, and Stephanie -- Suzzie's Crew

Their cheerful and competent assistance puts customers at ease and, with Susy’s infectious enthusiasm, are another reason that customers call Suzzie’s Quilt Shop, “The Happy Store.”

Things to Know about Suzzie’s Quilt Shop and Manassas VA:

Facebook:  Suzzie’s Quilt Shop  Susy’s Facebook page is a vibrant community where she shares the shop’s latest arrivals, quilting news, and pictures of happy customers and their magnificent creations.

What to see in Manassas:

Manassas was the site of two of the most important battles of the Civil War. The National Battlefield Park at Manassas offers films, museum exhibits, and self-guided driving and hiking tours that trace the battles of 1861 and 1862. You can find more information about Historic Old Town Manassas and other attractions in the area here.

Where to eat lunch: Susy recommends A Deli Italian Restaurant (10384 Portsmouth Rd.), just three doors down from her shop. Also nearby is Super Chicken (10380 Festival Lane) serving delicious Peruvian rotisserie chicken.

Coming Soon: Our final shop in Virginia, Old Town Needlecrafts in Manassas.


Libby Lehman Updates from Caring Bridge — 6-27-13

Libby and Lester Lehman Anniversary Picture

Libby continues to make slow progress. Some days show big improvements; others, not so much.

From her sister Ellen today:

Today was a “two steps forward, one step back” sort of day. The one step back was that Libby is experiencing some very mild seizures when moved into the wheelchair, which means it takes her a little time afterwards to rest and recover. The doctor has increased her anti-seizure medication but says that this sort of thing is common for stroke patients. Maybe so, but it is hard on us non-medical folk to witness it, although- better hard on us than Libby!

Victory at last -during PT today Libby got the lid off the water bottle to the rousing “Yea’s!” of the crowd! She performed well at all tasks and was especially “talkative” to her niece Susan. Although we cannot understand her yet, she seemed to be telling Susan about her displeasure with some of the PT, and when Susan sympathized with, “Is some of this boring?”, Libby clearly answered, “Boring!” Maybe not our favorite response, but we celebrate Any clear words!

Every day her alertness and ability to sit up with less help encourages us and her therapists. She is not as fidgety with her right arm and able to look front and center as well as to the right much better than two days ago. We are still working on “waking up” the left side but have seen some teeny tiny movement there.

Lester talked to her neurosurgeon Dr. Dannebaum today and told him of her therapy results. Dr. D. was very pleased and said that Libby’s progress at this stage indicated she was likely to have a Very good recovery. Now that’s a doctor’s prognosis that we all love to hear! God willing, let’s hope he’s Right!

Update for 6-27-13:

From Libby’s sister Cathy:

I just left Libby a few minutes ago after a few hours together.  She gave me a tiny smile when I arrived, but she really just wanted to be left alone.  It may be because the doctor increased her anti-seizure medicine today, or it may be that she is beginning to realize that her life right now is the pits.  This trip certainly was not in her travel plans!

     Libby has always been a person with a high threshold for frustration.  She is a problem-solver by nature, but when the situation just can’t be fixed, she has always accepted it and moved on.  But my heart breaks for her in her current challenge.  She is bed-ridden and on a feeding tube and has almost no control of the left side of her body.  She has major brain damage.  Could there be a harder test of your spirit and resolve?
     As many of you have said, if anyone can meet this challenge it is Libby.  Since she is only 14 months older than me, I have witnessed her strength and maturity up close since my earliest memories.  Believe me, she is a hard act to follow!  So I say with all of my heart to my sweet sister Libby the following;
  “Libby, you have been given the ultimate test.  This one is a whopper.  But you are not alone in this fight.  You have your faith and your family and an enormous universe of friends and supporters.  We have your back.  Dig deep in your soul and find the courage and patience to move forward step by step, just as you have met every other challenge in your life.  Unfortunately this process cannot be fast-tracked.  Nor can we do it for you.  But just as you held our hands when we crossed the street as kids, Ellen, Sarah and I and all of our families are there to pull you back to safety if needed.  And Lester and his family are protecting you too in every way possible.  And on top of that you have the most amazing fan club of people all over the world providing a giant parachute. Please know that you will be loved and cared for no matter where you land. Godspeed.”


Team Libby is an amazing bunch. Through all of this, they have shown remarkable grace and great skill in coordinating their efforts.

To learn how you can help, please visit How We Can Help Libby Lehman. And if you would like to send a brief get well to Libby on The Quilt Shop Navigator’s scroll, please leave a comment below. Be sure to tell us what city you live in, so we can add your pin to Libby’s map.

(photo of Libby and Lester, courtesy of the Lehman family)

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The Cross Country Quilt Shop Quest — Virginia Shops, Part 3: Quilt and Sewing Center of Fredericksburg

Every once in a while, you walk into a new place and immediately feel at home. The Quilt and Sewing Center of Fredericksburg is like that.

Quilting and Sewing Center of Fredericksburg

The well-lit shop displays an array of quilting fabrics, patterns, notions, and supplies along its spacious aisles.

Notions Abound


Patterns at Bernina Quilt and Sewing Center

Fabric at Bernina Quilt and Sewing Center


Quilt and Sewing Center of Fredericksburg is an authorized Bernina dealer and carries a full line of machines and accessories.

Bernina 830 at Quilt and Sewing Center of Fredericksburg


We were warmly greeted by the owner Kiki, her staff members Carole and Janice, and Charm, the shop mascot.


Charm at Q&SC of Fredericksburg

Then we settled into the spacious classroom at the rear of the shop for a friendly chat.


Sitting Down to Chat at Q&SC of Fredericksburg

Kiki has been sewing as long as she can remember, starting with her experiences in Girl Scouts and Home Economics classes in school. For many years, she was primarily a garment seamstress, but quilting caught her fancy with its many different techniques and styles.


This is Kiki with her third quilt, a magnificent Block of the Month featuring machine embroidery.

Kiki and her magnificent embroidered sampler quilt at Q&SC of Fredericksburg

Carole told us how she started quilting.



Here is Carole with her first quilt.


Carole and her quilt at Q&SC of Fredericksburg

And these are the postcard quilts Carole mentioned, which are the subject of a monthly class.


Embellished Postcards from Japan Quilt at Q&SC of Fredericksburg

Another collection of Postcards from Japan hang near the cutting table at the front of the shop.


Postcard Quilts

And here are some that have been framed instead of quilted.


Framed Postcard Quilts at Q&SC of Fredericksburg

Then, it was Janice’s turn to tell us about her quilting.



Janice showed off a pair of Bali Pop handbags from the class she teaches at the shop.


Janice shows off the Bali Pop Purses from the class she teaches at Q&SC of Fredericksburg

Quilt and Sewing Center offers a variety of classes on everything from the features of their Bernina machines to hand applique. One of their most exciting offerings is their Kids Camp.



The Kids Camp projects were on display. I have a couple of grandchildren who would like to make these.


Kids Camp Projects at Q&SC of Fredericksburg

Most of all, Quilt and Sewing Center is comfortable, hospitable spot. Janice told of a customer who came in and said, “This seems like a place where you could sit down and have a cup of coffee and just play.” Janice said that she replied, “It is! Do you want a cup of coffee?” And Carole summed their philosophy up like this:Things



Things to Know about Quilt and Sewing Center and Fredericksburg VA:

Website: www.quiltandsewonline.com

Facebook: Quilt and Sewing Center of Fredericksburg

What to see in Fredericksburg: As Kiki says, “George Washington grew up here!” Visit George Washington’s Ferry Farm (268 King’s Hwy) to see the setting for the famous stories of the cherry tree and tossing a dollar (really a stone) across the Rappahannock River. Fredericksburg is also home to many important Civil War sites.

Where to eat lunch: For delicious Middle Eastern fare nearby, try Kabob Corner (4232 Plank Road) a block or so west of Quilt and Sewing Center. Or in the Westwood Shopping Center on the other side of I-95, savor authentic southern barbeque at BBQ Post 401 (1917 Plank Road).

Next up: Suzzie’s Quilt Shop in Manassas VA

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The Cross Country Quilt Shop Quest — Virginia Shops, Part 2: Circle Sewing Studios in Woodbridge VA

Tucked into the lower level of Tackett’s Mill Shopping Center is a delightful little quilt shop called Circle Sewing Studios.

Resized Map

As you enter Tackett’s Mill from Harbor Drive, take the turnoff on the left to reach the lower level parking lot.

Circle Sewing Studio is on the Lower Level of Tacketts Mill Shopping Center

And Circle Sewing Studios will be right on the corner.

Circle Sewing Studio in Woodbridge VA

Inside, you’ll find an array of Janome sewing machines basking in the light from the large front windows. Circle Sewing Studios is an authorized Janome dealer.

Janome machines at Circle Sewing Center

Lining the hall from the machine showroom to the fabric center, you’ll see patterns, notions, and samples galore.

Pattern Hallway at Circle Sewing Center

And you’ll also find shop owner Parker, perched on a stool at the cutting counter, which she cheerfully calls her “kitchen table”. Very likely, you’ll be asked to pull up a stool and join her.

Circle Sewing Studio Packs a Lot into a Small Space

But you’ll probably want to wander around a bit, first. There’s a panorama of glorious batiks calling out to you.

Circle Sewing Studio Specializes in Batiks

A whole rainbow at your fingertips!

More fabrics and patterns

Circle Sewing Studios carries a variety of fabrics — traditional, reproduction, patriotic, floral — but batiks are their specialty.

Fabric at Circle Sewing Studio

In fact, at Circle Sewing Studios, their fabric philosophy is prominently displayed for all to see:

No Such Thing

And then there are the quilts. The walls at Circle Sewing Studios are adorned with lovely and delightful quilts that give rise to “I want to try that!”  From traditional samplers

Sampler Quilt

to a stunning contemporary New Y0rk Beauty,

A Beauty of a New York Beauty at Circle Sewing Studio

and from a collection of intriguing small quilts

Clever Small Quilts at Circle Sewing Studio

to a magnificent Double Wedding Ring,

Double Wedding Ring

or a bright tablerunner.

Table Runner

And, my favorite, Parker’s own Crumb Quilt design:

Parker's Crumb Starter Quilt

Parker explained her technique to me.

The fabric room/classroom/sewing center is the heart of Circle Sewing Studios, in more ways than one. Whenever Parker has a spare minute, she’s busy at her machine, making quilts. I had to smile when I saw her sewing corner. There’s so much going on there!

Parker's Sewing Corner at Circle Sewing Studio

Many of her quilts are destined to comfort complete strangers, people who have endured tragedy and loss, and those who are homeless or ill. Circle Sewing Studios is a drop-off for Con-Kerr Cancer pillowcases, has worked with Project Linus, and is actively involved in making wounded warrior quilts as well.

And they are truly beautiful quilts. Parker has designed a reversible quilt, called her “Quilt of Many Colors”, that is completely sewn by machine. It’s become one of Circle Sewing Studio’s most popular classes.

Parker Shows Off Another of Her Own Designs

And then there are what Parker refers to as “Quilting Emergencies”.

Whatever your own Quilting Emergency, you’ll find innovative ideas, helpful people, and a warm welcome at Circle Sewing Studios.

Things to Know about Circle Sewing Studios and Woodbridge VA:

Website: www.circlesewingstudios.com

Facebook: Circle Sewing Studios

What to see in Woodbridge: Woodbridge is a suburb of Washington DC, so all of the attractions of the Nation’s Capital are close at hand, as well as historical sites dating back to Colonial times.  The Occoquan Bay National Wildlife Refuge is a one-square mile sanctuary which offers hiking trails through diverse habitats.  One of my personal favorites is the somewhat quirky Weems-Botts Museum (3944 Cameron Street)  just 15 minutes south of Woodbridge in historic Dumfries.

Where to eat lunch: Parker recommends Lake Ridge Pizzeria just around the corner in the upper level of Tackett’s Mill Shopping Center for delicious salads, burgers, and sandwiches as well as pizza.


Next Time: Quilt and Sewing Center of Fredericksburg VA

Libby Lehman

How We Can Help Libby Lehman

1977_libby_w_quiltersRicky Tims and Alex Anderson have three specific ways we can help Libby! From The Quilt Show:


How YOU Can Help Libby Lehman!

WIN A Quilt From Alex or Ricky

100% of Proceeds Go Directly to the Libby Lehman Medical Fund.

A Note From Ricky & Alex:

Following the medical tragedy of our dear friend Libby Lehman, there has been an outpouring of concern from quilters all over the world asking how they can help. Quilters want to make quilts, but Libby does not need quilts. The kind gesture of making a quilt for Libby and sending it to her will create more challenges than comfort for her and her family, with whom we remain in close communication. Please do not make and send quilts to Libby and her family. Cards and quilted greeting cards are fine.

After weeks of “waiting” to determine the best way we as a quilting community can help, the mission is clear: to raise funds to help offset the staggering costs of medical expenses and rehabilitation expenses. Libby’s Medicare is ending soon but the medical expenses will continue for a very long time. We need to raise funds to assist. Outlined below are three ways you can help.  READ ON!

1977_win.jpgMethod One – Enter To Win Ricky’s/Alex’s Quilt

Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims are each donating a quilt as a fundraiser. Two people’s names will be drawn. The first name drawn will have a choice of either quilt. The second name drawn will get the other quilt.

Amish Sawtooth Star

Made entirely by Alex Anderson and published in her book Simply Stars (page 41). It is machine-pieced and hand-quilted with meandering feathers in the body of the quilt and a twisted feather border. It is a classic Alex Anderson quilt and is in excellent condition. (52″x 52″)


Harmonic Convergence – Revelation

Made entirely by Ricky Tims and made from Ricky’s first commercial fabric line.  It is machine-pieced using Ricky’s Convergence technique and machine-quilted on a domestic machine with both variegated and metallic threads. It is finished using Ricky’s well-known piped-binding method. This contemporary wall quilt measures (48″ x 48″) and is in excellent condition.


Enter & Contribute:

1. Click “Enter” below to get the registration form. Print out the form, fill it out, include a donation, and mail everything to the TQS office: TQS/Libby Lehman P.O. Box 418, La Veta, CO 81055.


2. Send a check, money order, or cashier’s check in US Dollars made payable to “Libby Lehman Medical Fund”. Your contribution (no matter how large or small- no contribution necessary to enter) will enter you in the drawing for the chance to win one of the two quilts. Naturally, our goal is to make a sizable donation to the fund. The amount you wish to send is up to you. We encourage you to be generous – $25, $50, $100, $500 or more. Thank you so much for participating in this important effort. We will report the total amount we raise in an upcoming newsletter and blog.

3. All entries received on or before July 13 will be eligible.  The drawing will be Monday, July 15th. Winners will be contacted and must respond in one week (July 22, 2013) or another name will be drawn.  Once the winners have responded it will be announced on the site.

Method Two – Raise Funds With YOUR Quilts

If you have made (or are making) a quilt for Libby, please consider finding a way for that quilt to generate money for the Libby Lehman Medical Fund. Raffle or sell it and then send the money and a picture of the quilt directly to the fund at Libby’s sister Cathy’s address below (not through the TQS fundraiser address in Method One above).

Better yet, do you have a quilt in your stash that you are willing to sell on Libby’s behalf? If so, sell it or raffle it and send the money directly to the Medical Fund at the address below along with a picture of the quilt. This will mean so much to both Libby and her family.There is no immediate deadline for doing this.  The Lehman family will need assistance for a long time ahead.

Please make checks, money orders, and cashier’s checks in US Dollars payable to “Libby Lehman Medical Fund” and send them directly to Libby’s sister:

Cathy Arnold
2220 Stanmore

Houston, TX 77019

1977_screen_shot_20130612_at_121714_pm.pngMethod Three- Just GIVE!

Follow Libby’s progress at www.caringbridge.org/visit/libbylehman and give whenever you can.

The following is from Libby’s family: 

            As Libby’s recovery plan is beginning to take shape, it has become clear that this will be a long and unpredictable process. Medicare will only pay for a portion of the cost of the rehab. She does not have an auxiliary policy. The burden of paying for the long-term rehab and care will fall to Libby’s husband, Lester, and the family.

            Thank you to all who have donated to CaringBridge in tribute to Libby.  Although those contributions do not go toward any medical expenses, they have helped to make possible this website communication.

            If you would like to make a much needed contribution toward Libby’s rehab and other extensive medical expenses, it would help ensure that Libby gets the best medical care possible. 

            A bank account has been set up at JPMorgan Chase Bank. The name of the account is the “Libby Lehman Medical Fund.” Checks, money orders, or cashier’s checks (U.S. dollars only) should be made out to “Libby Lehman Medical Fund” and mailed to her sister, Cathy Arnold, 2220 Stanmore, Houston, TX 77019.  Please include your name and address if it is not on the check. If you wish to use an online secure transfer method from any bank (called Chase Quick Pay), please email Cathy’s husband, Bill Arnold, at bill.arnold@rice.edu, and he will provide you with proper instructions.   

            Bill Arnold and Bill Askey, Libby’s brother-in-laws, are the Trustees of the Fund and the only signors on the bank account. To the extent possible by the amount of funds in the account, they will be responsible for issuing checks to pay for any medical bills that are presented by Lester. The family is very appreciative of all cards, letters, quilt pieces, and contributions received on behalf of our beloved sister, Libby. She is a real treasure to all of us, and we all want her to be able to recover to the best of her abilities.


In the coming days, The Quilt Shop Navigator will have more news about Libby and how we all can help.

(photo of Libby and quilters courtesy of The Quilt Show)



The First Cross Country Quilt Shop Quest Giveaway — Alternate Winner

Contest 1 fat quarter bundle

After 10 days, we have still not been contacted by the announced winner of The First Cross Country Quilt Shop Quest Giveaway. Therefore, we have chosen an alternate winner.

Congratulations, Denise Fredette!

Please contact us at theqsn at gmail dot com to claim your prize.




An Important Libby Lehman Update — Angels Needed — Updated 6-21-13

Libby and Lester Lehman Anniversary Picture (Photo of Libby and Lester in happier times courtesy of the Lehmans)

Last night, Libby’s sister Cathy posted an important update:

Contributions – Angels Needed

     As Libby’s recovery plan is beginning to take shape, it has become clear that this will be a long and unpredictable process.  Medicare will only pay for a portion of the cost of the rehab.  She does not have an auxiliary policy. The burden of paying for the long term rehab and care will fall to Lester and the family.

     Thank you to all who have donated to CaringBridge in tribute to Libby.  Although those contributions do not go towards any medical expenses, they have helped to make possible this website communication.
     If you would like to make a much needed contribution towards Libby’s rehab and other extensive medical expenses, it would help ensure that Libby is provided with the best medical care possible. 
     A bank account has been set up at JPMorgan Chase Bank.  The name of the account is the “Libby Lehman Medical Fund”.   Checks, Money Orders, or Cashier’s Checks should be made out to “Libby Lehman Medical Fund” and mailed to her sister, Cathy Arnold at 2220 Stanmore, Houston, TX 77019.  Please include your name and address if it is not on the check.   If you wish to use an online secure transfer method from any bank called Chase Quick Pay, please email Cathy’s husband, Bill Arnold at bill.arnold@rice.edu, and he will provide you with proper instructions.   
     Bill Arnold and Bill Askey, Libby’s brother-in-laws, are the Trustees of the Fund and the only signors on the bank account. To the extent possible by the amount of funds in the account, they will be responsible for issuing checks to pay for any medical bills that are presented by Lester.  The Family is very appreciative of all cards, letters, quilt pieces, and contributions received on behalf of our beloved Sister, Libby.  She is a real treasure to all of us, and we all want her to be able to recover to the best of her abilities.
Thank you so much.
This must have been a very difficult post for Libby’s family to make. Please consider helping.
When Libby was first injured, a lot of us wanted to make her comfort quilts. Well, perhaps she needs them now. Let’s make them, raffle them off or sell them, and donate the money to Libby’s medical fund.
My grandmother wrote poetry and lines from one of her poems have become my war cry:
If every man relieved the pain he saw,

We’d need no glory; Heaven would be here.

Update 6-10-13:
Very happy news from Cathy this morning
Oh Happy Day! Libby said a few words today, answering questions appropriately with, “yes, no, I am, I did”, and question, “you did?” she said “Lester” and stuck out her tongue at him and puckered her lips for a kiss, with equal fervor. We are Thankful, thankful, thankful!

There is still a long, long road ahead, with more rehabilitation and additional surgery, but God is merciful and good.
She is scheduled to move by ambulance to the new skilled nursing center soon, so more later!
Sister Ellen, Lester, and Sister Cathy
We are so very glad to hear this. May Libby continue to progress and regain her abilities.
Update 6-13-13:
Be sure to read How We Can Help Libby Lehman on this blog.
Update 6-18-13:
Libby has been transferred to a nursing facility and is continuing her therapy. Recent posts from her family show slow progress in her recovery. The initial reports were that her strokes had destroyed her brain’s speech and language centers, but she is demonstrating the ability to understand and respond to those around her, recognizing family and friends, and both answering questions and following the directions of her therapists.
Today’s report from her sister Ellen on Caring Bridge:

Just have to share this Great News from Lester on Libby’s progress today during her therapies:

Best day by far. Most alert and awake since stroke.

They have her in a real wheel chair and they have her attached to a peddling machine. One of the therapist started dancing in front of her while a couple of others were talking about margaritas, and she stared shaking her stomach and shoulders and giggling. This is by far the most interaction with other people and answering questions with head shakes that I have seen.

She gave me 2 kisses, the second one very loud which brought cheers and laughter from all over the room. And don’t forget that when I told her first thing this morning that her nephew Alan and his wife Amy were coming to see her this Friday, she looked at me and said “Friday”.   Best day by far!”

Feel free to shoot up prayers of Thanks! and go ahead and dance in the aisles! What Great News!

Happy, happy, happy dance! And may Libby be able to dance along with us again someday.


Update for 6-21-13:

Caring Bridge had some issues the last few days as they updated their website, but things were back and running fairly smoothly by last night.

Libby continues to make slow progress, but as expected, it’s often two steps forward and one step back. Here’s what her sisters posted on Caring Bridge last night.

Libby Lehman

From Ellen:

Each morning it seems like Libby can do something new but sometimes not everything she could do the day before. Still, it is wonderful to see more and more of our sweet Libby come back in a few, sporadic words, and facial and body gestures which assure us that she recognizes us, understands us, and is trying to make herself understood. And we do understand – she is the same determined, humorous, and loving person she has always been. She is inspiring to all of her support team and to everyone who is taking care of her at the University Place Nursing Center.

We Thank God for our many blessings and Libby’s continuing recovery. May He grant her strength and courage as she fights her way back to her family, friends, and many faithful admirers. Amen.

From Cathy:

Libby had a good day in PT and the therapists in all three areas are very pleased with her willingness to TRY and in her progress. The big improvement today was on the bicycle pedaling machine where she increased her part to 17% (from 7 and 10 the last two days). She continues to make sounds and try to talk and clearly understands a lot of most of what is being said. Her speech therapist Amy would probably say Libby’s highlight today was when Libby reached out for her and pulled her in for a hug. Amy had tears of happiness in her eyes.

The last few days Libby has only been able to look to the right or turn her head and eyes with effort to the middle, but not to the left. All of the therapists worked with her about trying to go left, but no luck today.

Libby continues to improve in sitting up without much assistance, holding her head up, and being awake more of the time. She IS making progress. Thank God! Thank you all for your continued support and help! 

Be sure to read How We Can Help Libby Lehman on this blog. Let’s all do what we can to help her.

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The Cross Country Quilt Shop Quest – Virginia Shops, Part 1: Attic Treasures and Sew Easy Sewing School in Occoquan VA

Just south of Washington DC, on the banks of the Occoquan River just off I-95, lies the village of Occoquan. It’s a quaint little town full of novel craft shops, art-filled boutiques, unique restaurants, and fascinating historical markers. It’s also the home of Attic Treasures & Sew Easy Sewing Studio.

re-resized map

You can’t miss it.

Attic Treasures and Sewing Studio in Occoquan VAAnd when you go inside, you’ll find a perfect storm of possibilities: inspiration, materials, technology, and the education to put them all together into your very own marvelous creation.

Inspiration Hangs on the Wall Over the LongArm at AT-SESSWe were greeted by Carole, a multi-tasking whirlwind who simultaneously assisted one customer with the longarm machine, helped others find the items they needed, and answered our questions, all with an unhurried, welcoming air that made us feel as though we were her only concern.

Carole Greets Lynnie while Customer Carla Mounts a T-shirt Quilt on the LongarmCarole began her quilting career, as many of us have, with a baby quilt for her son. She’s been with Attic
Treasures and Sew Easy Sewing for two and a half years. The owner Judie tells us that she’s a phenomenal quilter. While we were waiting for Judie, Carols showed us some of the shop samples.

Sunflower Harvest:

And Another Embellished Quilt

Mount Rushmore:

Mt Rushmore Quilt

And this wonderful moonlit tree:

Carole Shows Off Another Magnificent Quilt

When Judie arrived, she took us upstairs to their classroom.

Judy and Lynnie in AT-SESS's Upstairs Classroom

Judie told us how the shop began and how it has evolved.

And she continued with an explanation of their unusually long name.

Attic Treasures & Sew Easy Sewing carries a full line of Babylock machines, including the Crown Jewel and new Tiara longarms.

Babylock Sewing and Embroidery Machines at AT-SESS

Carla, a regular customer, was using the Crown Jewel to quilt a T-shirt quilt while we were there.

Carla's T-shirt Quilt in Progress

The Babylock machines create a lot of excitement in the shop.

One of the special emphases of Judie’s shop is machine embroidery. The shop is filled with beautiful samples. I loved the embroidered butterflies on this quilt. The photo does not do them justice.

The Butterflies on this Quilt are Embroidered with Metallic Thread

The embroidered and embellished oriental fans on this quilt are exquisite.

Incredible Embroidered Quilts at AT-SESS

And this sampler is eye-catching.

A Beautiful Embroidery Sample Quilt

Education is at the heart of all they do. Judie and Carole and all of the folks at Attic Treasures & Sew Easy Sewing love to help their customers learn how to create these wonderful quilts.

And there is fabric, too, to gladden the heart of any quilter.

A Nook Full of Fabric at AT-SESS

With new bolts arriving almost daily.

New Fabric Arrives Almost Daily at AT-SESS

One of the things that struck me most, as we have visited quilt shops and talked with quilters across the country, is the enormous size of the average quilter’s heart. Quilters give. And Judie at Attic Treasures & Sew Easy Sewing is involved in a very special charitable project, Sewing 4 Africa. You can read about it, and even participate, here.

Things to Know About Attic Treasures & Sew Easy Sewing Studio and Occoquan VA

Website: www.seweasysewing.com

Facebook: Sew Easy Sewing (Judie’s daughter operates their sister store in Roswell NM and also manages their Facebook page)

What to see in Occoquan: The Occoquan Historical Society’s Mill House Museum, (413 Mill Street) is open every day of the year (weather permitting) from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., except Christmas day and New Year’s.  Admission is free, but donations are welcome and much appreciated. The Visitor Center (200 Mill Street) provides tourist information, maps, area attractions brochures, and visitors guides. Occoquan features dozens of specialty shops, unique restaurants, and a scenic riverfront.

Where to eat lunch: The Blue Arbor Cafe (201 Union Street) serves specialty sandwiches, soups  and salads, as well as tasty breakfasts. The Secret Garden Cafe (404 Mill Street) is an old Occoquan favorite retooled under new ownership and still highly regarded.


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