An Update and Well Wishes for Libby Lehman — New Update 6-13-13 and Message Deadline Extended

Libby Lehman

The latest post from Ricky Tims on Facebook is dated today:

Libby continues to improve – slowly, but surely. She is expected to transfer soon to another hospital where her rehabilitation can begin. Each day she seems more alert and it is evident that she is making progress.

From Ricky on Sunday:

Libby Update for Sunday – Mother’s Day.

Libby is still in critical condition. She is waking for longer periods of time and was a bit more responsive this morning when Lester was there. She obviously smiled at Lester and squeezed his hand more and stronger than yesterday.

Your prayers are appreciated.

We are so grateful for Ricky’s updates, and most of all, that Libby is showing signs of recovery!

Update 5-17-13:

From Ricky Tims on Facebook:

Libby Lehman update. Libby has been transported to a new hospital where she will begin very slow rehabilitation. I understand her first day there was tiring and so her progress was not evident. However, the general improvement continues.

The family has set up a Caring Bridge page where you can get updates directly from the family. This will be the best way for you to get your information. I will continue to report from time to time, but I urge you to visit this page – sign the guestbook and submit your email so that you can get email updates if they are sent.

God Bless Libby


Caring Bridge is a fine organization which provides a much needed service to the family and friends of people dealing with serious illness and injury. By all means, follow the link to Libby’s page there.

Update II (5-18-13)

There are THREE (!) Libby updates on Caring Bridge today from Libby’s sister Cathy and from Sarah Davis:

From Cathy: Wow!  Thank you, thank you for all of the beautiful cards, letters, and art pieces (mini-masterpieces!) you have sent Libby.  She has received over 400 from all over the world!  We have been reading them to her every day, and will continue to do so.  We have displayed some of them on a big piece of foam board in her room so she can see them.  What a beautiful visual testimony to the love being sent to her.  We can never thank you enough.

From Sarah: Sisters Cathy & Ellen have been creative with some sweet caring moments. Cathy & Bill read cards to her & have made a bulletin board in her room with some of them. Ellen gave her an impromptu make-over hospital style with some neutral lipstick. Ellen reports a bit more responsive than last two days.

And from Cathy again: Several of you have asked for Libby’s mailing address.  Because her home mailbox is small, we are asking you to send any mail to her husband, Lester’s, work address:

Libby Lehman
StarTex Title Co.
617 Caroline
Houston, Texas  77002
Lester has been Libby’s biggest angel.  He is a devoted, caring, and loving husband, and a true advocate for Libby in dealing with the many doctors, nurses and other caretakers.  He has been with her a good part of every day.  Libby sits in the palm of God’s hand, but Lester has his strong arms around her as well.
Thank you, Lester.

Update III: (5-19-13)

Libby’s sister Cathy posted this on Caring Bridge today:

Libby continues to rest peacefully.  Although we couldn’t get her to open her eyes for more than about a minute at a time, she moved around a little bit more in her sleep.  She moved her right leg more often today.  I read her some of her cards and letters and Caring Bridge messages to her.  I don’t know if she heard me, but it was comforting to me to read all of the sweet messages and to hope that she is feeling all the love flowing to her.  Lester got a strong squeeze from her while holding her hand and talking to her.  Please pray for more alertness and continued healing.There

Thanks to Cathy for taking the time to post these updates on Caring Bridge. Prayers and good wishes for Libby and her family.
 Update IV: (5-20-13)
There are two new Libby updates on Caring Bridge from Libby’s sisters Cathy and Sarah!
From Sarah:
This morning Lester reported that he walked into Libby’s room and the physical therapist and her assistant had Libby sitting up (with support of course) on the side of her bed. The therapists will be working with her 5 days a week. Hopefully changing positions will help to get her body to respond a bit more. Still praying for her to be more alert but it was encouraging to know she will be getting PT so many days in a row. Hugs, Sister Sarah
From Cathy:
Libby has her eyes open more today, and the Physical Therapy team had her propped up in a chair this morning!  This is important for her circulation.  She will have physical therapy 5 days a week.  Yea!

Libby has to wear a helmet anytime she is moved out of the bed  because she had two pieces of her skull removed during her two surgeries to allow room for her swollen brain to expand.  These pieces are being kept in a sterile refrigerated environment, and will be re-inserted in her head at some future day at least 3 to 4 months from now.  (Probably just as her hair starts to grow back!)  The surgery will actually be a good sign because it means she will be strong enough for it.
Thanks so much for your prayers for more alertness because they have helpled. Today Libby had a smaller trach put in, a sign of improved breathing. Once again, thank you for your beautiful messages.  We continue to read them to Libby.
Someone asked for Libby’s and Libby’s mother’s Hebrew names.  I will need some help there.  Libby’s full name is Florence Elizabeth Anthony Lehman.  She was named for her two grandmothers.  Libby was never too fond of “Florence”, although she adored our grandmother, Florence Anthony, whom we called “Donna”.  Donna was a concert pianist who lived in Manitou Springs, CO and who collected beautiful antiques, especially silver and china pieces.  Libby’s Mother was Catherine Warren Henry Anthony.  Among her many talents, she was a quilter and quilt shop founder and owner. She was a wonderful role model and inspiration to all of her four daughters.   Hope this helps to keep prayers of all faiths flowing.
Bye for now, Cathy
Update V: (5-21-13)
And, later last night, Libby’s sister Ellen posted a wonderful story on Caring Bridge:

However, the highlight of the day was this afternoon when Lester showed Libby his new haircut. He got his hair buzzed into a “burr” cut to match her hair growing back. Then during a conversation with me he mentioned he liked the new hair color growing back better than the last color she paid for. At that Libby’s eyebrows shot up along with the biggest grin we’ve seen in a long time. The crowd went wild and all three of us were laughing in our own way. Lester you were so busted. Thank you, God, for the sign we have been looking for!   Love, Sister Ellen (#3 in sibling order, but #1 in your hearts-haha)

Doesn’t that sound like Libby, though?

Update 6-13-13:

Be sure to read How We Can Help Libby Lehman on our blog.

There’s still time to leave a get well message for Libby below, too.


Please help us to send Libby best wishes for her recovery. Let’s add to that wonderful stack of cards!

We’d like to give everyone who’s been following the Libby updates on our blog and via Facebook an opportunity to send her a short greeting. WRBQ and The Quilt Shop Navigator will be producing a get well scroll to be sent to her next week. If you would like to have your get well wishes for Libby included on the scroll, please post them in the comments below, along with your city, state or province, and country, so that we can add a map to show her that she has well wishers all over the world.



12 thoughts on “An Update and Well Wishes for Libby Lehman — New Update 6-13-13 and Message Deadline Extended

  1. Libby, you are an inspiration to all quilters. My prayers are with you. Get well soon. Joan K, Sequim, WA USA

  2. Glad you’re coming along in your recovery. Prayers and happy thoughts still coming your way! Connie E

  3. So pleased to hear that you are making progress, get well soon.
    You, and your family, are in my thoughts and prayers.
    Isobel Loch Lomond, Scotland

  4. You are such an inspiration to all, not only for your quilting abilities, but also for your zest and love for life! Miracles do happen………… God bless you and your family and wishes and prayers for an awesome recovery. Birdie K. Colorado Springs, Colorado

  5. Libby, I enjoyed our class in Puyallup, WA, with my friend, Sheryl, who was working right alongside you! The laughter, instruction, inspiration and dedication you gave us for the class was the absolute highlight of Sew Expo! Thank you, thank you, thank you for instilling possibility and confidence in me for quilting. I pray for your healing and trust God will deliver you from your current situation back to a complete recovery! In the meantime, praise God for saving you and may he move many towards him through what he is still going to do in your life!

  6. met you in Spain with my daughter Hannah ,we so enjoyed meeting you .I have so en
    loved your on line classes and your book. i am praying for your good recovery all our love and best wishes Jean Smith and Hannah Hardy P.S.who knew it would be so cold in Spain

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