The Cross Country Quilt Shop Quest – Day 3: Crazy to Quilt in Cedar Falls IA

Our overnight stop was in Blue Earth MN, home of a famous fellow of TV and grocery fame:

Lynnie and The Jolly Green Giant with The Quilt Shop Navigator

You’ll be surprised at the places you can go in the company of The Quilt Shop Navigator.

The Quilt Shop Navigator Goes Almost Anywhere

Then, it was on the road again toward our first shop of the day, Crazy to Quilt in Cedar Falls IA. It was raining. And just as we arrived at the shop, the heavens opened with a crack of thunder and the rain became a deluge. Because I try to be a thoughtful wife, I did not insist that Frank take his usual picture of the storefront. So here’s the picture I borrowed from Crazy to Quilt’s website:

Crazy to Quilt Store FrontPhoto Courtesy of Crazy to Quilt

Fortunately Lisa, one of the longarm quilters at the shop, was looking for us and held the door open as we dashed in. And we dashed right into a wonderland of color.

Crazy to Quilt Interior 1There were quilts everywhere, even on the ceiling

Quilts on the Ceiling at Crazy to QuiltEven More Ceiling Quilts at Crazy to QuiltAs Lisa told us, they only had so much wall space.

Crazy to Quilt Interior 2

Crazy to Quilt serves a wide variety of customers, so they offer everything from batiks to reproduction and contemporary fabrics, along with patterns and notions of every sort. They also carry Pfaff machines. The classes and clubs that meet regularly in the shop’s well-equipped classroom are diverse as well, everything from wool applique to Jo’s Little Women, from machine embroidery to contemporary quilts, and even sewing for kids.

Lisa Likes the Contemporary Quilts at Crazy to Quilt

Crazy to Quilt’s owners, Liz and Jeni, opened the shop twelve years ago. Lisa’s friend Karen was one of their employees and soon Lisa was also working there as a fill-in. Then Lisa and Karen decided to buy a longarm machine together.

Karen-&-Lisa at the Longarm at Crazy to QuiltPhoto of Lisa and Karen courtesy of Crazy to Quilt.

And the four women have been cooperating ever since to make Crazy to Quilt one of the most exciting quilt shops I’ve seen. Lisa and Jeni offer this as their shop’s philosophy:

We love quilting! We couldn’t get enough of it, so we opened our own shop so that we could be surrounded all the time with our favorite thing! We understand quilters because we’re quilters too, not just business owners. We enjoy exploring the latest and greatest quilting techniques and items and bringing them home to you. We look forward to your next visit to the store!

Crazy to Quilt sign

Things to Know about Crazy to Quilt and Cedar Falls IA:

Website: crazytoquilt.com

Facebook: Crazy to Quilt

Things to See and Do in Cedar Falls:

Overman Park The earliest documented Park in Cedar Falls, acquired in 1853. This Park is a traditional commons occupying a full block in the Vintage Home District near downtown. The meticulously detailed, ornate Bandshell reinforces the Parks function as the focal point of the oldest neighborhood in Cedar Falls. It has straight walks leading from the corners of the Park to the center, dividing it into four equal quadrants.Cedar Falls Municipal Band gives free open-air concerts on the bandshell at Overman Park. Every Tuesday in June & July, 7:30 p.m. Overman Park, 2nd & Franklin St., Cedar Falls.

The Grout Museum District in Waterloo, Iowa, offers five distinct museums to discover our past, present and future, and your place in it.

Where to eat lunch: Lisa recommends Soho Sushi Bar and Deli (119 Main St) for their eclectic, something-for-everyone menu.

Lisa signed my passport for The Ultimate Shop Hop (Isn’t the manicure her granddaughter gave her amazing?) and then it was time for us to go.

Lisa Signs My Ultimate Shop Hop Passport

On our way out of town, we drove through the aftermath of a hailstorm. It must have been quite a storm, from the piles of hailstorm along the highway.

Hail Just Outside Cedar Falls

Next on our itinerary: The Fabric Stasher in Tipton IA




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