The Cross Country Quilt Shop Quest – Day 2 Continued: The Dutch Rose Quilt Shop in Sioux Falls SD

According to MapQuest, it is 372.17 miles from Fabric Junction in Sturgis SD to The Dutch Rose Quilt Shop in Sioux Falls SD, a straight shot along I-90, with an hour lost to a time zone change in the middle. So we had to hurry to make it to The Dutch Rose before they closed at 5 pm. No worries, though. Thanks to the Quilt Shop Navigator, we made it just before closing.

Dutch Rose

But then I’m always in a hurry when there’s a quilt shop in view.

Lynnie Approaching Dutch Rose Quilt Shop

Once inside, we met the owner Joleen and the manager Tina in their bright, well-organized shop. Here’s Tina on the left and Joleen on the right, welcoming me to The Dutch Rose:

Tina and Joleen Tell Lynnie about the Dutch Rose Quilt ShopJoleen bought the shop about four and a half years ago from Dee Ymker, the founder. Tina worked for Dee and stayed on. Both of them are enthusiastic quilters. Tina’s mom was a quilter, so it was natural for Tina to pick up her mom’s enthusiasm. Joleen took a class, then another and another and, well, she was hooked. When Dee was ready to sell the shop, a friend of Joleen’s suggested she buy it.

Most of The Dutch Rose’s customers are traditional quilters, so they have a separate room they call the Civil War room, devoted to Civil War and reproduction fabrics, with a bit of lovely wool for good measure.

The Civil War Room at the Dutch Rose Quilt ShopI love the sampler quilt on the wall, don’t you?

They also carry a wide variety of flannels tucked in their own little nook:

A Nook Filled with Cozy Flannels at the Dutch Rose

Everywhere I looked, there were clever sample quilts and more lovely fabric:

More Wonderful Fabric at the Dutch Rose

My father once said that there are two or more squirrels in our family, depending on how many people you think are slightly squirrelly. (Our official family motto is, “Our family tree is full of nuts.”) This little squirrel was so cute that the pattern had to come home with me:

Squirrel at the Dutch Rose

The regulars at The Dutch Rose Quilt Shop are a loving and supportive group of friends. When Tina was diagnosed with breast cancer several years ago, they made a comfort quilt for her. When she returned to the shop after her treatment, they got together again to make another quilt that was raffled off to support the Avera Race Against Breast Cancer, which is held each May in Sioux Falls.

Things to Know About The Dutch Rose Quilt Shop and Sioux Falls:


Facebook: The Dutch Rose Quilt Shop

Things to see and do in Sioux Falls:

Falls Park Sioux Falls is named for the Sioux tribe of American Indians and the waterfalls of the Big Sioux River, located a few blocks from today’s downtown district. Falls Park features a triple waterfall, visitor center and viewing tower, café, and historic ruins visited by people from around the world.

Buffalo Ridge, 1880s Cowboy Town Animated mannequin exhibits re-enact American West life/history along rustic 1880 main street. Horse drawn equipment/antique museum. Authentic Lakota sweatlodge. Buffalo Ridge makes learning fun. Buffalo Burgers.

Where to have lunch: Tina and Joleen recommend Camille’s Sidewalk Cafe (1216 W 41st Street) just down the street from The Dutch Rose. They also mentioned Minerva’s (301 S Phillips Ave) downtown.

Banner at The Dutch Rose

We had miles to go, so we bid goodbye to Tina and Joleen and The Dutch Rose Quilt Shop.

Coming soon: On Day 3, we visited four, count them, FOUR, unique quilt shops.


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