The Cross Country Quilt Shop Quest — Day 1: Back Porch Quilts in Livingston MT

Any time the alarm rings at stupid-o’clock in the morning on a Saturday, there’d better be a darn good reason. And there was. It was Day 1 of the Cross Country Quilt Shop Quest. Showered, dressed, the van packed, and we were on the road by six.

It was a lovely morning for driving, cool and pleasant with just enough overcast to stop the sun’s glare as we headed east from Spokane.

There was still snow in the mountains of northern Idaho. In late April.

On the Road in Northern Idaho

By lunchtime, we were approaching our first stop, Back Porch Quilts in Livingston MT.

MyQSN shows us exactly how to find Back Porch Quilts

See that blue star? The Quilt Shop Navigator showed us exactly where to find Back Porch Quilts.

Back Porch Quilts - Livingston MT

When Lori complained to her husband Kemp that there wasn’t a quilt shop in Livingston and she had to drive all the way to Bozeman to find fabric, he asked her how old she’d be in ten years. Then he asked her how old she’d be in ten years if she started a quilt shop. He volunteered to build the shelves for the shop’s many bolts of fabric. He even suggested the name for the shop. That was eight and a half years ago, and Back Porch Quilts is going strong.

Fabrics and Notions at Back Porch Quilts

Lori loves batiks, and Back Porch Quilts’ fabric selection reflects that love. The samples hanging on the walls at Back Porch Quilts showcase not only batiks, but also the western and wildlife prints that she stocks in abundance. There was a particularly handsome cowboy:

Cowboy Quilt in Batiks - Back Porch Quilts

And the current block of the month:

Lori Shows a Customer Back Porch Quilt's Block of the Month quilt blocks

While I was chatting with Lori, Frank wandered around the shop taking pictures. He made the acquaintance of Marian, who found the perfect fabric to coordinate with a panel and, as a bonus, a new pattern. He snapped this picture of her with her finds:

Back Porch Quilts Customer Marian finds the perfect fabric

You meet the nicest people in quilt shops!

A group of shop hoppers — the Big Sky Shop Hop was in full swing — came in while we were there.

Shop Hoppers line up to purchase Back Porch Quilt's block

One of them was accompanied by a pair of little dogs. They must have been regular quilt shopping buddies, because they had shop etiquette down pat.

Even Dogs Like Back Porch Quilts

Sometimes, you meet the nicest dogs, too.

Lori also showed us nifty flower makers and some of the amazing variety of flowers they produce:

These nifty flower makers are very popular with Back Porch Quilts customers

Things to know about Back Porch Quilts and Livingston MT:


Facebook: Back Porch Quilts

Things to see and do in Livingston:

Livingston Depot Center
The Northern Pacific Railroad Depot in downtown Livingston has always been the center of the community. Built by the railroad in 1902, it served as a stopping point for tourists heading to Yellowstone National Park. Now the grand old depot has taken on a new life as a museum and community cultural center.

Yellowstone Gateway Museum
One of the most impressive collections of local and state historical artifacts, documents and memorabilia in Montana is on display. The museum features themes from the old School House, a Pioneer cabin, Railroad Room, Yellowstone National Park items and the Native Culture Room featuring the Anzick site.

Where to eat lunch: Lori suggested Homemade Kitchen (206 S 11th St # 5) and their tasty homemade soups and sandwiches, but they’re not open on weekends. We found The Other Cafe (1014 W Park St) nearby. It’s a quirky place run by a spunky lady named Patty. They only serve breakfast on weekends, but they serve it all day and their pancakes are fantastic!

The Other Cafe Livingston MT

Full of pancakes and fond memories of new-found friends, we were ready to get back on the road.

Next time: Bernina Sewing Center in Billings MT


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6 Responses to The Cross Country Quilt Shop Quest — Day 1: Back Porch Quilts in Livingston MT

  1. Frank takes excellent pictures. Another of your photographers needs to be more careful about focus. This sounds like a great journey–what a marvelous idea!

  2. Linda says:

    Oh, how I envy you! I’ll be following your every move so I know where to go when we have a chance to travel. Have fun and keep the economy going.

  3. Betsy says:

    What a cool idea. I wish when we traveled that we would/could take the time to do just what you’re doing. Have fun and keep us posted.

  4. On your way home you will have to stop and see us at Cozy Mountain Quilts in Whitehall, MT! We have a great time visiting with husbands while the wives look around! You learn the darndest things from some of those husbands!

  5. Mtrlgrl says:

    I will be traveling in a week to MN from Seattle. Perfect Timing! I am going to follow you and stop at shops too!

    • Sounds like great fun! Have a wonderful trip. Drive safely. Be sure to have your Quilt Shop Navigator ready, as a book or on your phone. We’d love to hear about your adventures. Please let us know about your trip, either here or on Facebook.

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