Announcing the Great Cross Country Quilt Shop Quest

Carry Me Back to Old Virginny

Family business (and a little family fun, too) is calling us back to Virginia, where we lived for 20 years. Early Saturday morning, we’ll be leaving Spokane for a four day drive across the USA.

The ‘we’ above includes Frank, my hat-wearing, Japanese-monster-movie-loving, woodworking, quality guru husband of forty years. He’s the kind of guy who – true story – drove over 500 miles around central Washington state in a single day so that I could visit the thirteen quilt shops in a shop hop. And he’s threatened to write a book entitled Quilt Shop Restrooms Across the Country – A Guide for Husbands.


And, of course, The Quilt Shop Navigator will be coming along for the ride. “Thar be quilt shops out there!” and there’s no better way to find them.


So come along with us! We’ll see the sights, meet fascinating people and  explore quilt shops. And there’ll surely be some surprises, too.


About thequiltshopnavigator

We are the premier directory of quilt shops in the US and Canada. Our semi-annual editions list over 3,600 shops. We verify the accuracy of each listing twice each year and are constantly adding new shops to our data base. Quite a feat, don't you think? Our mission is to bring ALL the quilt shops to quilters!
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15 Responses to Announcing the Great Cross Country Quilt Shop Quest

  1. Sandy Slemboski @ Eleanor's Quilts & Fabrics says:

    Oh, you must come see us at Eleanor’s Quilts & Fabrics in Reedsville, WV! We’d love to have
    you stop by!!

  2. Nanci Quick says:

    Be sure to stop by The Quilted Kitty in Lincoln, Nebraska! I will treat you to a trip to the International Quilt Study Center! Can’t wait to see you!

  3. Anonymous says:

    When you get out West, come visit The Quilt Cupboard in Garden Grove, CA

  4. He would love Material Girl Quilt Shop in Centralia, Missouri. The building was originally a blacksmith shop and the line shaft/pulley system on the ceiling is a big hit with the husbands!

  5. Kristina says:

    Come by and visit The Wooden Spool formally Angie’s Nine Patch in Effingham, Illinois!!! We have over 3,000 bolts of fabric and great prices!! We are a must see!!

    • And after you visit the The Wooden Spool, please stop in at White Stallion Creations in historic Marshall, IL. Your hubby will enjoy visiting the courthouse that President Lincoln visited frequently as a lawyer! Edie Wittenmyer-Owner

  6. Janet says:

    Come in and say hi ,at So and Sew. We are very cozy always try to make your visit as pleasant,and fun as we can.

  7. Ann says:

    Would love to see you at Heart & Hand Dry Goods in Sioux City, Iowa

  8. Arlyce T says:

    Your all would be very welcome at QUILTERS HAVEN, Moose Jaw, Sask, Canada, situated in the heart of Moose Jaw’s business and tourist area of town. A:)

  9. Would love to welcome you at PLEASANT MOUNTAIN STITCHERY in Lancaster, OH where those visit leave as one of the family!

  10. Mary Troyer says:

    Miller’s Dry Goods in Charm, Ohio would love to have you stop in! Over 8,000 bolts of fabric in the heart of Ohio’s Amish country!

  11. Fabric Impressions in Hilo, Hawaii would love to see you. Stop by on a Saturday at noon for our weekly pot luck lunch! The Big Island of Hawaii has it’s annual quilt shop hop in February – we have 8 great shops that participate and you can visit them all in a day and see some beautiful sights along the way!

  12. Dave Keizur says:

    Once you are headed back towards the state of Washington, be sure to stop in at Boardwalk Quilts in Long Beach.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Just wanted to say thank you! My husband and I spent two months traveling to and in Alaska in our motorhome last summer. I had such wonderful experiences visiting/shopping in the many shops that you had listed. I will never travel again without the Quilt Shop Navigator! Many thanks!

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