Featured Quilt-of-the-Week


Catch a Rainbow ~ Emily & Makana ~ Santa Maria, CA

Emily spent Christmas visiting her family in Santa Maria, CA.  Her granddaughter, Makana, came back to town with Emily for five days.  Makana wanted to make a quilt with her grandmother, so they sat down and chose a pattern.  After a quick tutorial with the color wheel, Makana chose some dark and light batiks and they went to work.  The quilt turned out fabulous!  The pattern is “Catch a Rainbow” from Simple Quilts & Sewing #123 July 2012.

Thanks for sharing your beautiful quilt ladies!

Do you have a quilt that you want featured?

Send a picture of it to us at theqsn@gmail.com or post a link in the comment section, along with:

  • Your Name
  • The name of your quilt (and a little about it)
  • Where you are from (City & State)
  • Contact Information (phone number or email, just so we can inform you if you are chosen, we will not share this information).

We look forward to seeing your quilts!!


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