Featured Quilt-of-the-Week!


The Steel Quilt Co. ~ Nathan (& Will) Winkler ~ Fort Payne, AL

I know this is more than just one quilt, but Nathan’s work is so unique and amazing that I just had to share several!  All of his pieces are made with recycled metal roofing from old barns.  They are hand-cut patterns and framed with reclaimed barn wood.  The ultimate in up-cycled art!


  1. Jacobs Ladder- 2’x2′. A fan favorite! This is from the Underground Railroad series.
  2. 4 Seasons- A commissioned piece.  4′ x 4’…This piece was created for a couple who wanted the 4 seasons represented on one piece, free-styled as much as possible with their initials in the middle (the yellow block).
  3. Drunkards Path- 2’x2′.  This is one of Nathan’s favorite patterns to do.  It is also from the Underground Railroad series.
  4. Tennessee Star- 2’x2′. Nathan gets a lot of requests for this block.  Generally the pattern does not have the star in the middle, nor the squares in the corners but this one was a hybrid that he came up with, and people love it.
  5. Double Wedding Bands- 2’x2′. This is probably Nathan’s biggest seller, but also the most time consuming.

The Steel Quilt Co. is also on Facebook if you are interested in seeing more of them!

Thanks for sharing your amazing art with us Nathan!

Do you have a quilt that you want featured?

Send a picture of it to us at theqsn@gmail.com or post a link in the comment section, along with:

  • Your Name
  • The name of your quilt (and a little about it)
  • Where you are from (City & State)
  • Contact Information (phone number or email, just so we can inform you if you are chosen, we will not share this information).

We look forward to seeing your quilts!!


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