Submit Your Raffle and Opportunity Quilts Today!!


Our deadline for our cover quilt contest is almost here.  We have extended it until February 1st. If you want to see your guild’s raffle or opportunity quilt to be featured on the front of the next Quilt Shop Navigator, have them submit it soon!

To enter your raffle or opportunity quilt for an event dating July – December, 2013:

  • Please send a full, flat, frontal, border-to-border image using bright, even lighting.
  • Hanging, with a sleeve or evenly spaced CLEAR thumbtacks, on an empty wall, can give good results.
  • Digital cameras give a good, clear image if done carefully.
  • We do not expect or require a professionally taken photo of your quilt.
  • We want you to be thrilled at the honor of being on a Regional cover, not burdened with all of the details or expense of making it happen.

When you have an image you’re happy with, e-mail the image to events@wrbqinc.com.
Be sure to include all of your contact info with the photo:

  • Guild Name
  • Your Name
  • Phone # (Day/Evening)
  • Event Date, City, & State
  • Anything else that you feel is important in the consideration process

Don’t hesitate to call 800-854-9239 or e-mail events@wrbqinc.com if you have questions.

If your Guild’s quilt is selected, you will be sent a “write-up” form to tell about the quilt. The write up will be included on the table of contents page of the directory & your event receives a free full page for your event.

We Look forward to seeing your quilt!


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