Featured Quilt-of-the-Week


Door Keeper ~ Rita Summers ~ Tasmania, Australia


 a building, roofless

sky above, earth below

the only link a doorway

entry and exit, end and beginning

earthbound and heaven-bound

 who are the doorkeepers

who holds the key to freedom

© Rita Summers 2012
The journal describes the processes I used when making the quilt, including photographs of Maria Island which were the springboard for the design.  The quilt, and the techniques used to decorate the fabrics, were begun in a workshop with Lisa Walton.  However, the designs of the fabric, the quilt and in the journal are my original creation.
Thank you so much for sharing RIta!!

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5 thoughts on “Featured Quilt-of-the-Week

  1. Love your blog! OK, so if if I have quilt BLOCKS, do they count? LOL! I participated in a quilt paper piecing event last spring featuring scenes from The Hobbit and managed to get 6..or was it 7 block completed. Phew. Not sure what they’ll be turned into…maybe a satchel or a cover for my iPad? Or maybe a pillow.

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