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Door Keeper ~ Rita Summers ~ Tasmania, Australia


 a building, roofless

sky above, earth below

the only link a doorway

entry and exit, end and beginning

earthbound and heaven-bound

 who are the doorkeepers

who holds the key to freedom

© Rita Summers 2012
The journal describes the processes I used when making the quilt, including photographs of Maria Island which were the springboard for the design.  The quilt, and the techniques used to decorate the fabrics, were begun in a workshop with Lisa Walton.  However, the designs of the fabric, the quilt and in the journal are my original creation.
Thank you so much for sharing RIta!!

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5 Responses to Featured Quilt-of-the-Week

  1. The Queen says:

    Love your blog! OK, so if if I have quilt BLOCKS, do they count? LOL! I participated in a quilt paper piecing event last spring featuring scenes from The Hobbit and managed to get 6..or was it 7 block completed. Phew. Not sure what they’ll be turned into…maybe a satchel or a cover for my iPad? Or maybe a pillow.

  2. The Queen says:

    BTW, I love the above quilt/doorkeeper..of to look at more Quilts of th Week!

  3. Thanks for the blog love! You can certainly submit blocks. We love just love sharing and seeing what others are working on!

  4. Beautiful quilt by Rita Summers and interesting concept. I love her poem too. Is there more to see from her quilting ?
    Thanks for your great and inspiring blog.

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