Quilt Retreat on Oregon’s Coast!

On Sunday, August 7th, my good friend, Mary Lynn and I headed to the Oregon Coast for a retreat. We spent the night at my daughter’s home in Tigard, did a few errands Monday morning, then headed out to Manzenita. It is farily close to the Portland area and the drive is beautiful! We met up with some long time internet quilt group members that Mary Lynn has been a part of for many years. For some, it was the first time meeting in person! They were all new to me, but I now have 7 more new quilting friends! We had several quilters from western Washington and Portland but the long-distance award goes to Jenny who lives near Toronto and just north of Niagra Falls, NY. Dorothy drove from Kansas, but didn’t bring her red shoes! Lynn flew up from San Diego, CA. The diversity continued in our occupations as well. There was a College dean, scientist and professional grandmother, pharmacy assistants, instructors, and business owners, but the main thing we had in common was quilting. Because this retreat was billed as a “relaxing” retreat most everyone brought hand work like applique and red work. Mary Lynn and I dragged our machines, tables, ironing equiment and severl projects along. We set up in a loft and was easily included in the conversations that went on in the great room. The accomodations were fabulous. The beach was a short three blocks away and we walked to an ice cream store every night for some great Tillamook ice cream! We also took a day and shop hopped at Canon Beach, Wheeler and Tillamook. We also visited the Latimer Quilt Museum and it was interesting to say the least. All of the shops were very much worth visiting. I even found some fabric that matches a wall panel that someone in the office will be treated to this Christmas! We stayed until last Sunday and made the long drive home to Spokane, exhausted, but happy and pleased with the projects that were completed. I’ll post pictures soon!


Dog Days of Summer

Spokane has had quite a mild summer because of the never ending winter dribbling into just the briefest of springs. This past week has been much hotter and you might think that summer has finally arrived! My daughter and two of my grandsons came for a visit this week. We went fishing, to Captain American (the 4 year old with his CA helmet and shield), and had lots of boy goodie food! But now they are gone and I’m preparing to go to the Oregon coast on a week long retreat with my good friend Mary Lynn! The ladies here at The Quilt Shop Navigator are pressing forward with all of their work to make sure that we can verify all of the shops that we tell you about in each of our publications. Jennifer is working on the covers as we recently have selected the winners of the 18th Edition regional covers. Visit our facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/thequiltshopnavigatorevents to check them out. It is always a hard decision and we hate to be limited to one per region! Next week I’ll let you know about my visit to the Oregon coast and the women Mary Lynn and I will be meeting for the first time. Of course there will be some shop hopping and sight seeing as well. So, Happy Quilting!