South Regional Quilt Cover for 18th Edition

Seaside Peicemakers Quilt Guild in Florida won our Quilt Cover contest for the 18th Edition! 

See our sister page for the other regional winners.  We will certainly have beautiful quilts on the covers!  We hope you will visit and like:

www.facebook.com/thequiltshopnavigatorevents .

This week has certainly been a strange week here at the Quilt Shop Navigator!  Noelle had a bit of food poisoning, Jennifer had multiple medical revelations for her family, Sarah’s little boy is getting a hearing aid, Natalie and A’Lisa have held the line!  I’ve spent three days at home getting electrical updates at my home.  The most exciting one was for lights above my long-arm!  I now have 32 feet of lights using daylight bulbs.  It is great since I had no light in the alcove where my machine sits.  That was ok during the day, but not at night.  My friend JoAnne is very happy about it since I share my machine with her a few other close friends.  Once the room is cleaned up and picture worthy I’ll post a picture!  Until next week:





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