Hello Quilters!

Welcome to The Quilt Shop Navigator’s brand new blog.  We will be doing many different things with the blog.  We also have our events at www.FaceBook.com/TheQuiltShopNavigatorEvents.

A little introduction is in order for those quilters who are unfamilar with The Quilt Shop Navigator.  Back about ten years ago my husband, Terry and myself started looking for quilt shows.  The shows were pretty hard to find.  You had to be at a quilt shop that happened to have a flyer or bookmark for a show.  Then, when we were traveling, it was impossible because our timing always seemed to be off.  If we had known a show was coming up, we could have timed our travel so we could enjoy the show.  Then, because we were willing to travel many miles just for a show that might not be advertised in a local shop. . . well, you can see the problem.  Then, because of all the inspiring quilts, we wanted to visit any quilt shop we could find.  We did use a directory, but that proved disappointing because it was only published every two years and we ran into too many shops that had moved or closed. 

Now, not to make any of you quilters jealous, but Terry was one in a million husbands.  Before we would go into a shop he would say “you know, I think you could use more __________ (fill in the blank with a color or type of fabric) in your stash. ”  We would proceed into the shop and he would be gathering the fabric.  Sometimes I would add something that caught my eye, but generally, I just enjoyed watching him make selections and the shop owner amazed at such a man! 

Anyway, it was a natural with Terry’s advertising background and my business background (I was a CPA in my previous life) that we start WRBQ Inc.  (We’d Rather Be Quilting).    Our first region was the Northwest in July of 2003.  We quickly added the Southwest, Midwest, South and Northeast, so beginning with our January 2005 editions, we were across the US and Canada.  At first our directories were called  “Showtime Quilters Guide & Directory”.  I keep a copy of the first edition to remind me of our roots.  The ads were all done “cut & paste” and sent out to a printer.  We hand punched and spiraled the directory and were on our way.  We actually started in a pole barn we had on our property which we quickly out grew and we have been in our present location ever since.  I’ll share other stories as we go along.

We have just selected covers for our Southwest, South and Midwest regional directories.  As soon as I have the final pictures available I will post them as a preview.  We will select the cover quilts for our Northwest and Northeast covers at the beginning of August.  If your guild has a raffle or opportunity quilt for an event in the January-June 2012 period, send a picture in ASAP!  We are accepting candidates until the end of July.

My goal is to write about 2 times a week.  In my next post I’ll tell you all about my adventures as I went to the Sister’s Outdoor Quilt Show in Sisters Oregon.

Till then, Happy Quilting,



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