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Who’s Behind The Quilt Shop Navigator?

Have you ever wondered who’s behind the scenes here at The Quilt Shop Navigator? Now you don’t have to!

Lets start by getting to know the boss lady!



Jennifer has been with The Quilt Shop Navigator for over 12 years! She started in data entry, worked up to manager and as of this year is now the OWNER!! As the new owner she has lots of exciting plans for the future of The Quilt Shop Navigator that we can’t wait to share with you! When she isn’t at the office working hard she is either at home quilting, going on drives and adventures, spending time with her husband Jason or her granddaughter Kinsley.



Terry has been with us for about 3 years. She does LOTS of little but very important things around the office. You know who builds all the directories each edition?? She does and boy is she fast. Terry is huge on family so if shes not here at the office or at home quilting shes spending time with her husband or one of her many kids/grandkids. You wont catch her in the office on a Friday though because shes out shopping or at bowling with her friends! Wanna know something else about Terry?? Shes Jennifer’s mom!




Hello! I am the one who will be running the blog from now on. This is my first go at a blog so hang with me! I have been with The Quilt Shop Navigator since I was 16 years old! I would come in after school and do simple things around the office. Once I graduated I thought why not give sales a shot? Now 8 years later I am the Sales Manager. I’m the one that gets to talk to all the wonderful shop owners each edition! I am sad to say I don’t get much quilting in since I have a pretty busy schedule. I am a momma to the most wonderful and sassy 2 year old. Best part about my job? Not only does my daughter get to come to work with me we also get to work with family! I’m Jennifer’s daughter and Terry’s granddaughter.


0614181507d (1)

She’s my baby girl. Kinsley has been with the Quilt Shop Navigator for 2.5 years. Kinsley does lots around the office from grabbing things off the printer, informing us all when shes hungry and its lunch time and grabbing the mail. Shes best at keeping a smile on all our faces through out the work day. I don’t think she will be joining the family business when she grows up because she has dreams of being a ballerina.

Well there you have it! The Quilt Shop Navigator is family run by four generations! You now know us so leave a comment and tell us about you!



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Friday = Free

Free Friday

Yes you read that right it says FREE. Fridays are amazing enough already but we have found a way to make them even better with Friday = Free!! Friday = Free is something we started this year for all of our amazing Facebook followers. Most Fridays we will post in the morning whatever that weeks Friday = Free is. Our Facebook followers then can comment on the status and we pick a winner that evening.

Here are a few Friday = Free we have done:

  • Free $25 gift certificate to your favorite shop
  • Win your favorite shop a 1/8 page color ad
  • Free shipping on your directory order
  • 10 fat quarters
  • Free directory, tote bag and a fat quarter
  • 3 month subscription to myQSN.com

All you have to do to win is comment, like and share the Friday = Free post!!

NOW its time for a secret… I know what this weeks Friday = Free is and I will share it with you now!

Friday = Free for May 11th 2018 is…..

1 yard of fabric from Fabric Shack in Ohio, Free Regional Directory and a Tote Bag!! See you on Facebook this Friday!



Big News in 1…2….3

For a long time we have wanted to eventually stop making the 5 Regional Directories and just do the National Directory. We have heard from so many customers for so many years that they wanted the same thing. We heard all of you and now that we are under new ownership we are going to make it happen! That’s right starting with the 32nd Edition we will be focusing on just doing a National Directory.

Perks to the new Bigger Better National?

  • The events will now be included in the National. No more having to purchase two different directories to get all the information.
  • You will now truly have everything at your fingertips. Shops, Events, Online Shops and your Ultimate Shop Hop Passport.
  • You will have access to ALL shops in the U.S. and Canada meaning more signatures on your Ultimate Shop Hop Passport.
  • Saves you $$$ that could be spent on things you need…..like more fabric!

We are very excited to be revamping the National directory and making it better than ever. Keep an eye out for the reveal of the new cover!

Want to order the last edition of the Regional Directories? The 31st Editions are now available and good through December 31st 2018.


Order Here: www.TheQuiltShopNavigator.com

Not sure what the Ultimate Shop Hop is?

Well it’s the only NATIONWIDE Shop Hop! Its done twice a year Summer through Fall and Winter through Spring.

How it works:

  • Find your Passport in the newest edition of The Quilt Shop Navigator
  • Have your Passport signed by each shop you visit
  • If a shop is an advertiser you get DOUBLE validation
  • Make sure your Passport is postmarked by January 5th 2019

Ultimate Shop Hop Prizes:

  • Winners will be announced on our website on January 20th
  • ALL participants who have at least 5 shop signatures will receive 1/2 a yard of fabric, a National Directory, 6 month subscription to myQSN.com and a tote bag
  • Grand prize winners receive a $100 gift certificate to shop of their choice, 1 yard of fabric, a National Directory, 6 month subscription to myQSN.com  a tote bag and a few other quilting/sewing notions!

Grand Prizes awarded for Most Shops Visited, Most States Visited and Largest Geographical Area.

USH Blog



It has been too long!  

Six months ago my intention was to begin at least weekly posts to our blog.  As you can see…..that didn’t happen.  Here we are a month away from producing our 30th Edition and that goal never worked it’s way into my routine!

By way of explanation (ok it’s an excuse) I brought a puppy home at the end of January.  Toby was 9 weeks old!  I’ve never house trained a puppy, as this was the first ‘house’ dog I’ve ever been responsible for.  Decades ago I lived in Hawaii and my children’s pets were not in the house (a very small house for 5 children!)

Obviously I’ve survived and Toby got a doggy door pretty quickly.  I was very thankful that even as a little puppy (then 10 pounds, now over 45 pounds!) he was happy to go out into the snow and cold by himself!

Recently he made it into my quilting room while I was quilting (on my long-arm) and didn’t bother anything!  Finally, I hope to get caught up with my projects.

In case you wanted to know Toby is a Golden Doodle.  He’s heavy on the poodle side (so he doesn’t shed!) except for a beautiful full tail!  He’s getting a bath next Tuesday, I’ll take a picture and show him off!

This weekend besides watching the Navy game (my grandson is on the team) I hope to have some good quilting time.

What are you doing!



I think I said…

Here we are again with another apology of not blogging for a long period of time. I guess we can blame it on being busy here at the office with calling and verifying shops, finding events, and of course building directories. But then again, I have been told excuses are nothing but an excuse, lol.

The last year has been productive for us with the launch of our new website and numerous updates to our mobile websites. Some of the changes we have done

Mobile Website Changes:     www.myQSN.com

  • Automatically takes you into the limited version so no need to sign in
  • Options to enter code, login and purchase premium all available on the home page
  • Accounts are no longer needed for the limited version

Traditional Website Changes:   www.WRBQinc.com

  • Shops and events can now pay their invoices through the website
  • Customers can submit shops directly to us through our website
  • All events are now included under find the event tab
  • And so, so, so much more

The crew also decided that we could push our printing dates out a bit because we have simplified some of our procedures so with this change it gives about 2 weeks more to verify shops and find events. We have found that our guilds are very pleased with the newer dates and it is giving some of them the opportunity to be listed because of time issues with setting their show dates.

There’s a lot of things coming up that everyone should watch for

  1. Our cover quilt contest will be judged on April 1 so be sure to watch our facebook page for the winning guilds and the final covers
  2. 19th Edition (July-December 2017) will start printing on April 17, 2017 and will start shipping out
  3. The end of May we will start working on our next edition January-June 2018 so submit your events and raffle quilts

As always…if you know of a shop or quilt show that we do not have in our database please let us know by going to our website at www.WRBQinc.com and choose either the submit shop or submit show tabs. We in return will send you our current directory or supply you with a free 6 month subscription to our premium version of our mobile website.

Hope everyone enjoys the rest of their week and I will keep up on the blog 🙂

PLEASE take the time to go to our facebook page and hit that like button to see updates about our directories, new shops, events, cover quilt contests and just plain old fun quilting things. Please note this is a new facebook page so be sure you have liked this one FACEBOOK



2016…wow already

That old saying…where did the time go! Seems like forever sense I have posted anything..well it has been. No excuses other then just pure business.

We are in full swing for working on our next upcoming edition which will be our 27th. With this we again are reaching out to quilt guilds to enter their raffle or opportunity quilts for our cover quilt contest.

Of course we are still looking for new shops…this task never ends. We have added tons of new Canada shops in the last month as well as a large number of US shops. Always remember we have our mobile website and it is updated daily so you do not have to wait for printed directories anymore. We offer a free and premium version..go to http://www.myQSN.com and click on the box that says try it now for free.

If you know of any new shops or quilt shows in your area please be sure to let me know by emailing the information to me at wrbqinc@gmail.com.

Here are some of the quilts that have been submitted for our upcoming 27th editions for the cover quilt contest.


The staff here at the Quilt Shop Navigator would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year. And I promise to keep up on the blog in 2016.





Another Edition in the books and working towards the next!

Wow, we were able to take a short breath and now we are on to preparing for our next edition. We completed the 25th Edition on April 20th, and now it’s hustle hustle to get the 26th Edition ready by October 1, 2015 to go to print.

We have started off pretty excited with the finding of many new shops around the US and Canada. We are always on the look for shops, but it seems this time they are popping up everywhere…which is nice to see of course! If you have a shop and are not sure if you are listed in our directories please call 800-854-9239, complimentary listings to all Quilt & Fabric Shops.

I have sent out our first email asking for event submissions so that they can be included in the 26th Edition and of course encouraging the guilds to send in photos of their Raffle/Opportunity Quilts to be entered into our Cover Quilt Contest. I have received quit a few so far but none for the Midwest and Northeast. If you are part of a guild and have a show coming up January-June 2016 with a Raffle/Opportunity Quilt be sure to send a photo of the quilt to wrbqinc@gmail.com to be entered….winner receives a FREE full page ad for their upcoming show. Deadline to enter is September 1, 2015.

Here are the ones that have been submitted so far. Hope to see your guilds come in soon!

Quilters Anonymous, Monroe, WA

Palmetto Quilt Guild, SC

Mountain Top Quilters Guild, Prescott Valley AZ

Las Colcheras QUILT, Las Cruces, NM

East Bay Heritage Quilters, Richmond, CA QUILT 2

East Bay Heritage Quilters, Richmond, CA QUILT 1

Disconnected Piecers BLOCK, FL (2)

Desert Quilters of Nevada, Las Vegas, NV

Hope everyone enjoys the weekend, it is fast approaching…..stay inside and get some quilting accomplished, heat is among us!


Raffle/Opportunity Quilts still coming in for our Cover Quilt Contest

Deadlines are always intimidating…but don’t worry your guild still has time to submit your raffle/opportunity quilt into the Cover Quilt Contest!! If your guild has their Raffle/Opportunity quilt completed by March 1, 2015 and the quilt will be at your show dated between July-December 2015 then you can enter our contest.

We have five Regional Directories (South, Midwest, Southwest, Northwest & Northeast) and each regional directory will adorn a beautiful quilt that was submitted by guilds.  Entering is easy!! Simply send a photo of your finished Raffle/Opportunity Quilt with your guilds information to wrbqinc@gmail.com. That’s it. Once I receive your email I will respond that I have gotten it and I will enter it into our contest.

Winners receive a FREE full page ad for their upcoming quilt show. FREE directory. FREE Posters and Flyers. And on the inside first page a write up will be included about the guild and the quilt.

Here are few quilts I will received this week.

Lone Star Heritage Quilt Guild out of Sulphur Springs, TX

Lone Star Heritage Quilt Guild TX

Vermilion County Museum out of Danville, IL

Vermillion County Museum IL

Busy Bears Quilt Guild out of Big Bear Lake, CA

Busy Bears Quilt Guld CA

Looking forward for your entries into the Cover Quilt Contest!!



Busy week and WOW it’s already Friday

How to stay super busy all week…only work Wednesday, Thursday and Friday…and then play catch up!

The closer we get to printing our 25th Edition Directories the crazier the office gets. So many events and shop hops to find dates and locations for…not to mention still collecting those wonderful Raffle/Opportunity Quilts for the Cover Quilt Contest The girls are at it hard as well trying to get all the Quilt and Fabric Shops verified before the March 30th, 2015 deadline. Yes, we are busy, but the weather has been so rainy and cold that I think we all welcome the craziness of it!

Few new shops that we have been able to verify this week and will now also be included in the upcoming 25th Edition are:

  • Quilters Paradise, Englewood, FL
  • B’s Fabric Fun & Sewing, Poulsbo, WA
  •  Beyond Fabric, Kingsland, GA
  • Quilting in the Valley, La Salle, IL

Quilt Shows and Shop Hops for this upcoming weekend:

  • Red Wing, MN February 7-8, 2015 Garden of Quilts by Sargents Nursery
  • Dade City, FL February 7-8, 2015 Farm Fest & Quilt Show by Pioneer Florida Museum
  • Gonzales, LA February 7-8, 2015 A Day in the Park by The Giving Quilt Inc
  • OREGON February 7-21, 2015 Snowflakes and Stitches Shop Hop by Stitches Shop Hops

The girls and I always enjoy “Emily’s Show N Tell” and this week she finished a super sweet baby quilt. I fell in love instantly with the lil monkeys and soft tones of blue and yellow. She is such an amazing quilter….and my oh my does she make a ton of baby quilts!


Hope everyone enjoys their weekends and can manage to stay warm 🙂